Управление негативными эмоциями – внутренняя свобода и уверенность в себе.

You can be so that everything inside is compressed, it covers the hurt and pain, and is difficult to control their actions and thoughts, everything is falling apart and it seems that emotions are completely captured you. And this repeats time after time and even if you manage to cope with them, think back to this situation, and these thoughts are usually directed against him: blame yourself that maybe he has created such a situation could not cope with the emotions, and subsequent actions, be it tears or aggressive response, only cause guilt and heightens the sense of insecurity. And I want to get rid of these thoughts and emotions…

So, negative emotions are useful, they tell us what is happening in our lives, help us to get closer to yourself, to better yourself to understand what really matters to us is valuable and where we should strive, that we should change how we build relationships with people. To get rid of emotions – it means to get rid of valuable information. Not always easy to understand the meaning of your own emotions. However, it's worth it. It is only aware of their emotions, we are able to control them effectively.

in Order to understand their negative thoughts and attitudes, to understand what the need behind the emotion, and to gain confidence in myself, I want to offer a very effective method that I have used myself and which I offer almost all of its customers. You need to record all these thoughts and emotions in a special journal every day. This is a crucial step in order to bring in order to begin to understand your emotions and yourself. It should be understood that a single prescription situation, little will change. But if you journal regularly, you will begin to notice and recognize certain patterns: typical situations and your typical reactions. And this awareness is the source of profound transformation.

Schema journaling with an example.

the Description of the situation — Favorite person canceled an important meeting for me

What you experience from emotion — Resentment, disappointment, sadness

the First thought — why so, it is unfair I'm a loser

the Beliefs behind the thoughts — I don't need and not important, don't love me

Actions — Wrote a rude message, almost the whole night crying, spending time in self-deprecation

the Situation from the past with these emotions — Mom, without explaining the reasons ignored me, I felt rejected

Alternative beliefs — This situation does not describe his attitude in General, respect for the situation of another person

As a real situation corresponds to the past - objective Reasons, the person is sorry and feels guilty. My offense increased this feeling and manipulation.

As it was possible to do — to Speak about their feelings. To spend time with benefit for themselves.

the Situation can be any, with parents, colleagues, or just you got nasty in the store, but if the emotions overwhelmed you and you find it difficult to cope, then that's the analysis of what is happening and the awareness of thoughts and beliefs that reinforce and provoke negative emotions, allow them to act effectively, will help you to see what affects your emotional state, behavior. A diary of emotions helps over and over again to get out of negative attitudes. Learn to recognize every time they appear, and observe how these beliefs affect the situation. A regular awareness of their belief has a powerful effect. You seem to be doing nothing, just watching what's going on inside. But gradually You will see that the result will change very much. Getting to know yourself, you become more confident and freer.

some important information

1.From what You once knew it, and really nothing can change. The fact that one moment of awareness, when You realize what's going on inside, have to watch the state of unawareness that You are in automatic mode, and habitual emotional reactions occur automatically. A diary of emotions helps to develop awareness. Awareness destroys the unwanted automatic responses.

2. Be aware of emotions and to register in the diary of emotions – they are two different stories. In the process, when You write, You have a new understanding and awareness that you would never have had if You hadn't made your thoughts on paper. On paper it looks simpler and clearer. The emotions, too.

3. When writing diary of emotions, many people experience serious difficulties: it is difficult to describe on paper what is going on inside. It is difficult to understand. If it happens to You, remember that writing a diary – just skill. Start journaling, even if at first not everything will turn out. You will find that with each new day You will be easier and easier to do.

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