Упражнение "Остановка" или Как вернуть радость жизни


Sometimes life is like a dream come true. Especially if its velocity is large. This is the curse of our time does not drop voltage and located in a pleasant feeling of joy of life. As in moments of mental anguish we simply "freeze", works like a natural anesthetic. But then, when the danger has passed, the body continues to live in the mode of pain relief, not feeling anything.

the Exercise consists of two parts. If you realize at some point that you don't want it to continue, ask yourself the question, what thoughts do you have when you want to interrupt the exercise.

exercise 1.

slowly Try to pronounce the words, listening to their feelings after each word. Record your feelings in front of each word. And what they are connected to. Write deployed if you have to stop and cry, do it.


"My name"...

"middle name"..

"last Name"..

"At present I sit-lie-stand"...


"In the room or."..

"in the apartment, the house, in the city..."

"In the 21st century".

"Such year and the number of".

"Now I do..."

exercise 2.

what difficulties you encountered during the execution of the task 1?

Maybe you find mediocrity and boredom. But the reality may not be enchanting. And this happiness when they feel their body and can control it. On the other hand, if your life is boring, what's stopping you to do it with another?

the Purpose of this exercise is to savor the present, to try to feel it, to feel that that is yours, not someone else's.

Repeat this exercise daily and you will see interesting things. Restoring a full sense of reality-an impressive experience.

you May feel that running away from the present. If you noticed-well, watch where and what is running? Someone will find that living in the past or the future. But whatever you saw, don't make yourself forcibly back to the present. Awareness that this is happening already. After all, if you grow a flower, you do not expect it to bloom immediately after the first watering?

Christina Sundukova
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