Упражнение с метафористическими картами " Интеграция субличностей"

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This exercise helps the client understand the need for different components myself.

For this exercise use a deck of "Person". Ask the client to openly choose three cards.
" Find yourself, how you present yourself to the society, that is what you see and know.
Find yourself the way nobody knows, except you.
Choose this card, what would you like to be.

Ask the client to describe the person he sees on the map. This focus: "Describe someone you see on the map." It is important that he talked about image and not about myself. It is important to overcome the rational barrier, especially if he's not ready to talk about themselves. It is easier to say no to myself. It acquires associations, it works imagination, and at the same time he will tell you about something that is close to him. Arise projection: a person describes the character on the map, putting him in their thoughts, feelings, traits, motives. Kind of tells about what they saw on the map, and said to herself.

"Tell me, who do you see on the map, describe it." And so about each card. Then note that this is all his projection, and that every time he spoke to himself. And start a conversation about the client. He did not argue, as originally selected a card, guided by "find yourself..."

To understand changes in his life, please lay out the cards according to the time line: "Where you in the past, and where in the future?"

Then ask to specify (on a 10-point scale) how much the client believes possible the ideal model (map, "how would you like to be"). It is important to understand how much he is willing to change something in my life.

Please arrange the cards as he sees fit. "Is there between them any distance?" br>
After asking the important question: Show me, please, where are you now?" Therefore, the client decides what stage of life he is, does he himself to society, whether he achieved the desired, or he is not ready to present themselves to the society, environment.

Then the second stage of the work. Please pick one of the three cards. "This part you don't. Lose anything the two remaining parts?" The client is looking for two cards and he begins to understand that something is missing...And he says, what is this "lost" part.

If the client responds that they have nothing to lose, please think that this map gave the other two? That useful lose the two remaining parts? It happens that the client is responsible that nothing is lost if one part disappears. Here I propose to continue for some time talk about the other two maps, or about the real situation in his life and after some time again to ask this question. Most likely it will note that this part is also needed. Our task is to help him to integrate all the parts.

a person is a deep awareness of being a holistic person. And acceptance of oneself are different.

Virchenko Nelia
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