Упражнение "Составление иерархии ценностей"

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any adult person is his inner values. Something valuable to a person more, something less. From these ratios, and develops a hierarchy of values. This is the moral framework for a harmonious life with other people. Values can help a person to live in harmony with ourselves, giving to dwell in the satisfaction of himself which he follows his values in life. In other cases, values can become a problem. Some people appropriating other people's values and unsuccessfully trying to live by them. In these situations, the values only help to bring to life a lot of discomfort and confusion.
Healthy adult man tend to "see" their values and revise them based on their experience and living conditions. Complete inability or unwillingness to conduct an audit of their values, based on the changing conditions of life, stuck on certain values that interfere with life, are forced to remain constantly in feelings of shame and guilt from their imperfections - can be called a pathological condition. In my opinion, is a pathology not only of the mental sphere of man, but spiritual.
in order to understand what value model is your world today, you can make a hierarchy of their values. It's a curious list of values I read in the book R. Potter-Efron "Shame, guilt and alcoholism". The author offers 11 of the most common values people. It is noteworthy that these concepts are linked to the needs of, and are not blurred definition type "family"-"home"-"garden". Here they are:

  • Devotion
  • Fun
  • to Be accepted by others
  • Honesty
  • knowledge
  • Maintenance of physical health
  • ourselves
  • the Ability to share feelings
  • Financial security
  • Caring for others
  • Responsibility

And from this material I propose to do you exercise, what you need to carefully study the entire list. You can write each on a separate sheet. Then all of them must be placed in order of importance for you personally – from the significant to the insignificant. Look at what you get. If you were honest with yourself, you faced your own hierarchy of values today. And you might think, for example, in such a way. How this hierarchy affects your life and the lives of your surroundings? Does it help your life or hinder? If it turns out to live up to his values? Is there a desire to change the position of some of the values in the hierarchy? And if so, what prevents to do it? br>
by the Way, if you can add to the list of values – can add to it in the comments. Please avoid vague concepts such as "Unconditional love", "Friendship", "Family", etc.

Oleg Semykin
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