Упражнения для смены стереотипов мышления


it Often happens that the head we understand a lot of things.

"Yes, I was wrong. It was not necessary to do so" or "Really, he's not my property. Free to do what they really want". Understand, understand, and do or think does not cease. This means that in our unconscious sit firmly installed, with which through a conscious decision or not we can break up or tearing yourself every time, making tremendous efforts. Such efforts, after which it seems to us that we were kicking with their feet. Of course, this tired.

It is because there are technicians who work directly with the unconscious. They use certain laws, which operates in the psyche.

Now we will introduce you to three such exercises.


This is a very simple technique, the performance of which will not even need to get up. Its essence lies in the study of negative States by using desensitization and reprocessing through eye movements. What does it mean? This exercise resembles the movement of eyes during REM sleep from side to side. Below we will describe the technique for performing it.

the Author is an American psychologist Francine Shapiro. Somehow walking around the resort, during the period of illness, she observed the scenery around and found that her condition is improving. After a series of clinical studies, Shapiro confirmed their assumptions. The fact is that "eye Movements activate the information-processing system and restore its balance. With each new series of eye movements traumatic information is moved until a positive resolution is achieved this information" by F. Shapiro.

in Other words, we are talking about the decrease in sensitivity to a particular experience that we gained over life. That is, if you have any phobias, irrational fears, anxiety, bad condition, which rolled suddenly and it's hard to cope – they can clean up or as they say "dissolve" with the help of simple exercise EMDR.


Your task is to focus on the negative state or experience. Will fit any unpleasant experience. For example: unreasonable anxiety for a child.

Now you need within 5 – 15 minutes with open eyes to make movements from side to side, up and down, diagonally. A very simple exercise. You can easily find videos on the Internet. It is made in the form of a ball which runs around the screen, and your task is to follow him. You can use this method to dissolve the frightening images and even thoughts.

Take breaks between exercises, you can start to do the technique through the day, then every day.

Technique "Three chairs"

This simple and very effective technique for changing beliefs. A few times doing it by the book, you can easily remember and will be able to do from memory. It takes less than 10 minutes.

the Beliefs we need in order to not wasting time and resources instantly navigate in the world. For example, the belief: "I can handle any situation" helps not to wallow in doubt before action, and to do it with the knowledge that the result will be successful. Just as the belief "I'm stupid. I can't do anything" helps not to take for any business. Avoid tests and decision-making.

the Beliefs we acquired in childhood and continue moving around him, rarely think about the fact that they form our quality of life. In order to improve this quality it is necessary to remove from the mind the negative beliefs and bring support.


Choose a belief that's stopping you. For example: "My son should listen to me because I gave birth to him".

This belief really gets in the way, because it spoils the relationship and life of your child.

next, create a belief that could replace the negative: "My son is a free man, it gave birth to the free woman."

Take three piece of paper. On the first write – "YES", the second "NO", the "META".

Spread these leaves on the floor, where "META" is the tip of the triangle at your feet. This is the starting point in the exercise. So to say a neutral position.

Then, from this point take a step diagonally to the left and lick the sheet with inscription "NO." Go back to the "META" and take a step diagonally to the right and place the sheet labeled "YES". You get a triangle.

the Next task is to design the head of the situation, which will be the anchors for exercise. The phrases "YES" and "NO" should be selected situations that cause you to have a definite strong, their corresponding feelings.

"METAPOSITION" step on a leaf that says "NO."

Generally, we recommend at anchor "NO" take an artificial situation. Imagine your child trying to steal an old Gypsy lady. What feelings you are at this moment experiencing? Most likely, it will be bright, "NO." The rage, the protest, the winding head from side to side will not give up! get out! go away! the old hag, now'll kill you! Imagine bright and the picture and feel the emotions. It is important that Gypsy was such that you easily coped with it: old, decrepit, crooked. Because if you imagine yourself against the Alliance Gypsy Baron one-on-one, you will likely feel the rage mixed with helplessness, and. Presenting the situation, put kinesthetic anchor: the left hand on the left thigh make patting motion is not less than a minute. So you clip the anchor.

Return to the "META". Shake off its previous state. Now go to the sheet "YES."

Next you need to take the situation to anchor, "YES." Imagine your child happy, rich, that he's fine. He's got a family, many children, he calls you, his voice cheerful and satisfied. He does what he likes, he is glad that his parent is you. You feel the happiness from the fact that your child grew up and became like this. It's bright, "YES." Put kinesthetic anchor right hand on the right thigh the same motion.

Anchors are installed. Go back to the "META".

Now make the next step to sheet with the words "NO" and remember the belief, from which you want to get rid of. Say it out loud. And remember the situation with the Gypsy. You must have a vivid emotional rejection. Pronounce conviction and call the condition. So you interlock belief with denial. Play the left hand kinesthetic anchor. Continue for a minute.

Come to the "META". Shake off its previous state. You can jump in one place.

Go to the sheet labeled "YES". Remember the belief that you want to purchase. Concentrate on positive emotions. Design the future of their child. Feel that you like what you see, be aware of "YES" and positive emotions, well we add to this the nod. Now the right hand play anchor on the right Berd. Do it also no less than a minute.

the Technique is over. Have you secured support conviction.

Take a break between techniques. For starters, you can do through the day to psyche adapted. Then more often every day. Just don't put anchors on the same place. Alternate. Day enough to the old anchor has ceased to operate and at the same place can be set new.

the Technique of changing beliefs by Robert Dilts.

Another great technique to replace beliefs.

This exercise you can find in the book by R. Dilts "language Tricks". This remarkable book will give you a large amount of valuable information and introduce techniques that can help with disturbing issues.

Remember, dear readers, that in our forces to change their own lives. Each of us has all the necessary resources.

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