Урок, скорректировавший мою жизнь!


After College, specialty "Chef" in the beautiful, Sunny Yalta, on the distribution with her friends, we got in not less beautiful city Zaporozhye.

We were young and beautiful, we were interested in everything!

When at work suggested a trip to the sea, we were in the first row!

I worked in the dining room near the circus and often the employees of the circus, a delicious lunch we were invited to the presentation. The days passed very interesting.

I worked in the dining room for 2 years, she was Central and had branches construction College, school and canteens. I wanted to work, to try their hand at a larger company, so I wrote an application for transfer to the cafeteria of the school.

the Constant number of consumers (all students eat free), varied menu, friendly young staff and I already cook with experience in 2 years! Dining at the school was spacious, new building, large number of students, only Cambodia had 105 people!

these guys from Cambodia played in my life a very important role! Once needed a warehouse to get some new cookware on duty at the school were students from Cambodia and the other senior students were in practice, and the younger began to tear from the lesson. With a group of attendants sent a girl from the kitchen. Half an hour later they returned, but no utensils are not brought a female chef was in tears, no attendants began to load the dishes into the machine, explaining with gestures that I can not understand what is expected of them, as I don't know Russian language.

the chef, menacing and heavy woman, letting a few swear words, examined our entire team, fixed his eyes on me. There was no way! I collected again the same team of students and we went to the base.

Arrived on the scene, the guys were aside looking at me. With a sigh of hopelessness, I went for the first batch of plates, took a few pieces and took the car. A little something talking their language, I was approached by my assistants. We worked quickly. After putting all the utensils in the car, I asked the guys why they did not help my colleague?

the Answer surprised me and learned a lot! Turns out she just stood there yelling at the ushers, so they quickly wore themselves not be involved in the work with them. With me they worked because I took them on an equal footing, and carry the dishes she began, not looking at them, so they started with me to work.

many years have Passed, I have grown my children, I received two degrees, but all my life I remember the lesson I taught the boys from Cambodia!

I Want to make from well, start with yourself, only your example, can attract and inspire their children, students, grandchildren!

Novenkiy Irina
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