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what do you think prevents us from being happy?

Can you consider yourself happy when you have negative experiences?

Tell - a paradox? I think that truly happy people are protected from anxiety, fear, failures, and losses?

Who of us can feel that

" Even in the dead of winter in my soul blooms eternal summer"

as albert Camus.

unfortunately, not a...

you Can learn to drive, even to fly a plane, but almost nowhere you can't teach to be happy, as if implying that luxury is not for everyone, but happiness has to be earned.

But at the same time happiness is the same skill as the ability to control the car, and it occurs as the result of compliance with specific rules and algorithms.

1). Learn to accept failures.

the Failure is an inevitable part of a successful life.

Falling, we learn to walk; babbling, learning to speak; from the letters and syllables that are not correctly pronounce and remember, we begin to learn to read; missing - to throw the ball into the basket.

the One who is afraid of failure, eventually realizes his abilities.

Or we learn - or not learn at all!

Rules of happiness is much simpler than the laws of gravitation, or Fermat's last theorem

- to be happy enough to start my morning with a smile, plan each day to engage in self-development, and the defeat of the left in the past, remembering that this is just another step to victory.

2). The adoption of emotion.

the Right attitude to negative experiences.

what do you think, what are the Lessons we can learn from failures and negative experiences?

Unpleasant emotions is an integral part of the human experience , and therefore, the rejection of them means rejection of human nature.

to live a full , rich, happy life, we must experience

the entire spectrum of human emotions. Just to be human.

to obtain pleasure from interaction with others, from ourselves and from life in General, it is necessary to learn correctly to react to the negative.

Fully accepting the reality - good and bad, pleasant and painful - we can create an internal balance that gives you the opportunity to think positively.

3). To set themselves realistic goals.

the Desire for success is inherent in human nature.

many of us take one by one all new heights leading to success.

However, in order to live a successful and fulfilling life, we must adhere to realistic standards of success, to be able to enjoy the achievements and to be grateful for life.

We need to compare dreams with reality and to appreciate their achievements.

4). To get rid of irrational fears.

Consider the strong emotional reaction you have certain situation. Was your response appropriate?

painted Or subconscious fear? Was it possible to interpret the situation differently?

Most of the experiences and emotional pain could have been avoided, as they are caused by distorted thinking and absurd thoughts.

Distorted view creates a strong and unhealthy fear of events fail. That is, we, their irrational fears and create for his thinking emotional traps.

the Rational thinking allows you to review the situation and look into the future. Learn to change their negative, unhelpful interpretation of the events in positive and useful.

No need to sweat the small stuff. Any situation first analyze

and only then draw conclusions and make decisions.

take care of your mental health. After all, happiness is a close relative of health.

5). To be the Master of your time.

ability to adhere to the daily routine - the basic principle of a successful person.

the day we each have the same number of hours.

But we get different results. Why?

Because we use this time.

Someone in a day can do a lot, and someone almost anything.

to Effectively manage time means to manage changes in your life, that is, to plan, to determine the priorities correctly.

Want to be happy - happiness plan.

in Fact, as we will plan for their future , so we act in the moment.

Our future drives our present.

enjoy life, capture the happy moments, enjoy the day!

Remember that positive attracts positive.

Just happy adults you can teach your kids to be happy!

This is a great fall go with the family to the Park or the forest.

Enjoy the colorful leaves and the piercing

the blue of the sky, play with the kids, have a picnic.

Get a charge of vivacity and positive emotions! Give yourself and your children wonderful moments of happiness!

Child and family psychologist Trotskaya Natalia Valentinovna.

Natalia Trotskaya
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