Уровень психической целостности.

the Level of financial literacy.

they are different approaches to how to plan the budget, keep records of income and expenses to optimize costs and increase profits, optimize the allocation of their time and attention. You can see the different options and pick one. Well, or invent your own.

This is a level of information and efficient action. Ideally, enough of this information to master, to learn and not be lazy to apply it, and the issue of finances will be settled.

Why still so many people who have financial problems?

Because of the successful management of finances (and without anguish, and joy) require some level of mental health.

Someone gets to the development of financial literacy: when trying to read –in a trance, a daze, falling asleep, losing consciousness. Someone learns information, but to do something in reality – well, just did not that lazy, just does not add up and that's it. Someone is trying, but it's starting to happen "mystery" – there are some unexpected losses. Etc., etc.

the Level of mental integrity.

Some difficulties in this level prevent the successful development and application of financial literacy.


a State of trance, darkness, fog, strong resistance, inability to approach the topic of money and clearly look at the financial issues often associated with trauma (one or more).

  • Traumatic situation connected with money, which occurred directly in a person's life. For example, someone close to you killed or imprisoned "for money" or the person survived the attack.
  • Traumatic situation connected with money, which manifests itself as an event of historical layers, for example, dispossession, looting the war period, slavery, etc.: the family unconscious, the collective unconscious, the soul memory of past incarnations, just a metaphor of the unconscious? I don't know. For me it's not so important. And it is important that you can work with it and the problem can be solved.
  • Traumatic situation, not directly related to money, personal or historical layers, which for a number of reasons affect relationship with money. For example, the loss of the mother in early childhood.

Offset the other on relations with money.

Very often and very much here is about the relationship with my mother. Nedolyubili, short-change, rejected, etc. and then "I'm not worthy of money (and often life and do something good in life, too)", "I can't accept money (and something good at all)". Etc. If the traumatic relationship with her mother resulted in a state of anger at her, the disgust, the rejection, and the money people can push. Etc.

Offset relationship can come from historical layers. For example, some family attitudes towards money, and scripts for handling them can be fundamentally a kind of displacement relations. But on the surface manifested as seemingly unfounded feelings, beliefs, scripts.

Nepostroennye or badly injured mental structures or relations between them.

For a sound and optimal money management is a need common inner adult. The money was a joy and their appearance in life was meaningful and useful, need a fairly healthy inner child who knows how to desire and rejoice in the fulfillment of desires. The money was not only work, but enjoyable work, it is desirable to a certain extent, to establish relations between the internal man and a woman. Etc.


Acquired from the family or from my own experience beliefs otnositelno money and how to handle them. Most are based on personal or historical trauma or offset relationship. But not necessarily. Some were once designed to solve some problem, to protect from something. But not all. Some can be quite easy to transform, and for exemption from certain may need serious work on the maturation and transformation of the relationship with the family, to not take yourself too much.

Model of the victim's life.

This may be the result of injuries, and maybe just a "Velcro" of the socio-cultural context. (Remember the anecdote: the Wife say during sex need to moan. – Okay, I'll try "Oooiii, deeeep nooo.."?). But somehow people measure its value with the value of the test of suffering. And then there is a substantial amount of money immediately as if reduces the value of the person. And to the value to restore, it starts to create other problems for ourselves. Or decides "it is better without money than without feet."


I now explore this phenomenon. Very interesting it appears. In what kind of mental (historical?) space is the man when it comes to money. And in what space they should go to get the resources and opportunities to act. Space is partly due to injuries, but this face is somewhat broader. At the moment this theme looks very promising. Still waiting for a sufficient amount of feedback.

As a consequence just nepostroennye proper relationship directly with money. As I now see from the work – a productive and effective relationship with money everyone has their. Yes, they have something in common, for example, a sense of security, stability, joy, pleasure, warmth and acceptance, of interest. But the way people prostaival and myself individually.

I'm not working with levels of financial literacy. I believe that each person is able to find suitable ways of managing money.

But can help you to come to the state which can be clearly and steadily to look at financial objectives and have the resources to solve them, to develop their own relationship with money.

Invited to a single session "Diagnostics and transformation of the relationship with money" and the individual program "Money happy".

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