Уровень развития личности и психологические границы

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On how the person perceives the frame, it is possible to judge degree of its maturity.

Narcissistic stage

we Often hear enthusiastic: "All limitation is only in our head!" So see the world narcissicism organized person: no restrictions, everything is possible, you just want. For these people, typical (unconscious) fantasy of his own omnipotence, which on the one hand, very encouraging for them (I Came, I saw, I conquered!), and very scary (after all, if my powers are limitless, I could create a whole new world, but I can break this can cause irreparable damage to people). These people desperately need the framework (set themselves challenging goals to test their capabilities; they are often looking for a partner that was smarter, stronger, somehow better than them, which in fact would limit their own opportunities). But having some boundaries, they are struggling to break them, testing the strength (very eager to achieve your goals; looking for a weak spot with a partner), often they do it, and then comes devastation, the so-called depression of the victory, partner razocharovat and impaired.

And only by finding enough reliable space with strong boundaries who can not afford to break, and quite the host, able to withstand all of his uncomfortable feelings, the human psyche can reach a new level of development.

Postdecisional stage

then we come to the fact that the framework be our support and guidance in development. Where there is no framework – there is no development (or it is severely limited). The frame is what protects us, represents the limit of our capabilities, where we start our powerlessness (as it is known, above head can not jump) and thus shows and other area - where our efforts can lead to success.

the Frame can be divided into horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal is a system related to a discipline (be it power supply system, the mode of the day, conscious rituals, classes, etc.). The clearer the framework, and the more clearly they are observed, the more free within them. For example, a person who complies with the regime of sleep and wakefulness, is more effective than one that does not comply. Everything is done systematically, over time, gives consistent results (exercise, language lessons, writing texts, ...). The system provides a support Foundation for introducing new, creative development, it regulates the process.

Vertical framework to regulate the result – our desires, goals, requests, landmarks in the different areas of development. If there is not a clear goal (the border is blurred), then the development will go spontaneously. To manage your life, you need to formulate queries, to make a wish. The fulfillment of the desire is always happy, and a little bit scary; this is both a success, but the breakup of the former certainty, the encounter with the unknown at a new stage of development. Coaches involved in goal setting, often say that a person must be not only near and distant targets, but a dream or a mission – something global, unattainable – something that will provide guidance, will always remain the same, and thereby make possible the implementation of the most audacious goals.

There are lines only in the head.

This hinders the development of the limitations that are unconsciously used by people to avoid with the new one. As a rule, the basis of this lie unconscious, for example, not to face the passions (hate, fear), or not to detect unpleasant traits (envy, greed, ...), to cope with them and integrate psyche until you can. In this case, it may seem that man is sitting in a swamp, but to drag him out of there (that usually do rescuers do not recognize either his or others ' boundaries), as you know, is a difficult and thankless job. It will come out or ask for help himself when it reaches its bottom, i.e., again finds its border.

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