Use the winter holidays.

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Winter is not only cold nights, but also a great opportunity to remember his childhood, positive emotions, to toughen up and strengthen your body.

Daily winter walks are very good for the body, they provide a great cardio load, pumping cardiovascular system, help to develop the lungs and to strengthen the body. Want more performance, plus pumping endurance – cross-country skiing is your option. An additional effect of such walks will be a state of peace, and of uniting your mind with the body.
Want of positive emotions? Remember when we were kids how cool and fun it was to ride on the priest or sledding with slides, play with friends in a snowball fight, build FORTS and caves, making snowmen and snow the whole stories. Child's play is an excellent resource for adult mired in a series monotony of everyday life, fill your life with bright impressions and events that will want to remember in the future. Just let yourself like a child to enjoy the snow to lie in the snow and ride with a favorite or new slides. A surge of hormones of happiness and good mood is guaranteed!
For the lovers of extreme and active rest in winter as well there are many options to spend time. You can go to the rink and learn some new items on the ice, pumping balance and coordination. Snowboarding and skiing is a culture of winter sports. Speed, height, jumping, the feeling of flying in full charge of adrenaline and fill with the desire to move, conquering new slopes.
an Important part of any intense workout is a good rest. And how wonderful after a day on the air, to get into a hot bath, drink delicious tea and cozy wrapped in a blanket, immersed in a state of relaxation. After a good physical exertion, the body with great pleasure and desire comes into a state of relaxation by loosening the clamps and giving energy and excellent condition in the following days. the
Fun and filled with energy, but remember about equipment safety. The main thing to note is wear, it should be warm comfortable and as convenient as possible, make sure you bring a hat, scarf and gloves(mittens), going to the slopes it is advisable to acquire special clothes and underwear.. Before leaving the house use the cream protects hands and face from the bitter cold. Snow and ice can be hazardous for a long walk makes sense to take iodine and a bandage.
Decided to improve your ability on skates, skis or snowboard take care in advance about protective gear: elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet will help to protect you from possible injury. the
Winter continues and you still have a chance to get a dose of their unforgettable experiences this winter!

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