Useful psychoanalysis panic attacks?


When you understand what you're going through is nothing like panic attacks, naturally there is a desire to learn about them as much as possible and quickly to get rid of. Today, many clinics argue that the cause of panic attacks is the intrapersonal conflict. So how to work with it long and expensive, many are in a state of inactivity and fear, thinking that to change the situation for them. br>
psychoanalysis panic attacks" itemprop="image" src='/away_image.php?'>So is it true that the culprit intrapersonal conflict? br>
let's Start with the fact that the idea of it originated from the famous Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis and theorized that the origin of panic attacks, later called psychoanalysis. Its essence lies in the fact that conflict within a single personality provokes anxiety and animal fear. Conflict arises from unmet sexual desires, which translates into physical stress, and as a consequence, and moral exhaustion. br>
Let's understand, whether so it?

the fact that the causes of panic attacks at the moment not scientifically established. Scientists from various disciplines put forward the distinction theory. Besides psychoanalysis, there are at least 5 theories, none of which, neither confirmed nor refuted. Research is ongoing. Specialists in many areas to Express their point of view on the origin of panic disorder and about 6% of the population still suffers from panic attacks.

that is why we cannot say that intrapersonal conflict is the only source of the problem, which is not to say anything about one other factor. Panic attacks are very individual. What was the reason for one another will not play any role. br>
Therefore, in dealing with panic attacks is a very important personal approach. It is best suited for this specialist, who works in the integrative approach. Then he will be able to pick up psycho-correction program for your particular case.

If you've tried psychoanalysis, and it did not help – do not despair.
This tool is often not effective. You will need to handle panic attacks with a professional approach and professional assistance.

Paximadia Victoria
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