Using MAC in the work and family conflict


When it comes to the session, the pair is very healthy. Because each of them expresses his opinion, his position, his feelings. Who among us has not faced with the fact that when he is writing one - this is one version of events. He is writing the other and it is a completely different version of events. And psychologist often have as a detective to unravel what's going on.

But sometimes the advice comes one person. And we can hear only one version of events. Work with these decks of cards are as a Person", "Alter Ego" to allow not only a more objective understanding of the family situation, but clearly convey this to the client.

1. We have identified several leading States, which is the client in the family. For example, "I am happy", "I am offended when I swear," "I - who wants to be alone". We ask the questions to the client about these images:

- who's the man in the picture?

- what does he feel?

- as he behaves, communicates with others, including with a partner?

- what's needed, what's missing from this character?

- what is the dream?

2. We allocate according to the customer some of the leading States of its partner (loving, angry and angry, etc.). And perform the same work.

3. We clarify the nature of the interaction between the selected card yourself and card images partner. We connect picture. For example, take one of the cards of the client, lay beside her one of the cards images of the partner and ask the client:

- how do you feel this way near him?

- how's the partner when you are in this state?

- how it affects him, does it change his status?

- what's going on between you when you are here in this state, and the partner in this?

We carefully consider all the combinations of images:

- what state you and the state often combined?

4. you Can make it easier to pick two cards: "I am in good health," and "I'm in a situation of conflict, my partner in good health," and my partner in a situation of conflict." And also review these cards and their combinations.

Usually, this work clearly shows the customer family situation. the client begins to see and its role in the emergence of conflicts, to better understand what was happening to him.

Then we build the work on clarifying the potential of the situation:

- we propose to find a map that reflect the desired status and image - how would the client want to feel in the family, what qualities would like to possess. Be sure to check on the comfort sensations of the selected card.

- we put the desired card together with partner cards (one by one), specifying how each state will respond to the selected map.

- ask whether the result of the client. If no, then repeat the procedure, specifying a different card the desired image itself.

the result of the work the client receives:
- understanding of what is happening in the family
- contributing to family relationships
- better understanding of their condition and more effectively in the future manages
- aware of their strategies of behavior in conflict, and strategies of the partner
- looking for a new, more effective ways of interaction in the family.

Reutskaja Inga
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