Успешная борьба с паническими атаками, часть 1


If you often worry over nothing, anxiety and do not know what a panic attack, it without psychologist, psychotherapist, or at least literature on this subject to cope with the disease quite difficult. This work will require a lot of time and effort. But what if you don't find yourself waiting for an important call, go to an important meeting or can't sleep because tomorrow you have an exam? These simple techniques will help you calm down.

1. When you feel that once again fixated on the problem, the "exit" out of my head with the "here and now". Take all your senses on full. Carefully consider the people around them, houses and cars passing by. Listen to the surrounding sounds, feel smells. Feel yourself in the space: feel the floor under your feet, the touch of your hair and clothes to your skin. Particularly well this trick works in public transport. You yourself will not notice how your thoughts will flow in a different direction: you want a bag like that girl, wondering why this guy made a ridiculous tattoo, outraged, what a ridiculous building was erected on main street, etc.
2. No fuss. When the panic finds you on the road or in a public place, you must be so tempted not to leave the bus (space) and jump out the window (run away screaming). Don't be tempted, otherwise the next time you will be doubly hard to resist the "flight".
3. In all situations helps the expense. Start to count everything you see around you: cars passing by, the holes in the ceiling panels, stripes on the floor, coins in his pocket. If you count absolutely nothing, start to count (e.g., breaths). If not helpful, complicate the task: read only black cars, put the numbers in the car number, count backwards, or one number, remember the multiplication table.
4. If you are with someone, strike up a conversation about something completely unrelated, call someone. If empty talk only annoying, frankly discuss the reasons of your anxiety with a close friend. He might be able to reassure you or offer an unexpected solution to the problem. Describe him as his "dissection" of panic also sometimes helps to defeat her.

In the next part of the article we will continue to consider ways of dealing with PA that will help you improve your quality of life.

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