Успешными люди рождаются или становятся?

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Successful people are born or made? Some argue that to be on the crest of a wave born, not successful, and the second on the left and the right assert that success depends on the environment, and others argue that success is a properly organized ideas and thoughts.

So what all the same the success? From the genes of our ancestors, or from the constant work on yourself?

I adhere to the idea that success is a daily hard work. And you?

of Course, I'm not going to argue that the conditions that surround us are not the least bit affect our lives, but one of the components of success is to control this influence.

self-sufficient successful man in one perfect moment came to the realization that he has the power, thanks to which you can direct your life in the right direction. A clear understanding of this force is the first step on the road to success. Successful person clearly understands that his life depends not on external conditions, and from its decisions.

you Can cite many examples of successful people who went against their environment and rise above their genetics. They made the decision to become successful and become.

Working on this article I remembered the movie "the pursuit of happyness" which tells the real story of Christopher Gardner, who managed to get out of the ditch of poverty, raising a son-a baby, sometimes without a roof over your head, and eventually to become not only a businessman-millionaire, but also a motivational speaker and philanthropist.

In his youth Gardner, we can say, survived – sought to put the son in kindergarten, often standing in line for soup and even slept with the child where necessary, namely in shelters for the homeless in his office after hours, on a bench in the Park and even at the station of a fast transport Bay Area in San Francisco are locked in the bathroom. All this time, Gardner worked as an Intern at Bear Stearns, trying to make ends meet, hoping to one day reach your dream of becoming a successful stock broker. This he did, founding the brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co in Chicago, Illinois, and became a multimillionaire.

the Greatest example of one who overcame living conditions and conditionality can be found in the life of a survivor in a Nazi death camp, Viktor Frankl. In that place of endless suffering where all of the earth was taken away, leaving only the naked body, Frankl discovered something very profound. He understood that the Nazis may have had the power to deprive him of all he possessed, even his freedom, but they could not take from him the last of his human freedoms: the ability to choose how he will respond to emerging circumstances. Frankl said, “between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose your path. In our way – our growth and freedom.”

In this purely human gift – the power to choose your path and direct your life – you will find a real key to success.

In conclusion, success is not genetics and not the environment, success is our response to our circumstances and our decisions as a result.


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