Успешный школьный старт: формируем произвольность.


Successful school start: generated randomness.

Start with the fact that one of the main psychological changes that occur in elementary school with a child is the transition from direct to indirect behavior, i.e., controlled and arbitrary.

the first Grader is required to hold the attention not only on what is interesting at the moment, and what requires a lesson; to learn something that is easy to learn, and what was asked by the teacher; to keep physical activity before the occurrence of the change or the end of the school day.

These skills are formed throughout elementary school. TAKE YOUR TIME.

As in early childhood, a new form of activity is formed first, in joint work with for adults, and then becomes an individual activity of the child.

In the early school years of the task order, the objectives for activities set by adults. To the job was executed successfully, you can ask the child to repeat it: so you will be able to understand if he heard the assignment in full or only remember the beginning, or do not understand what is required of him. If necessary, the job is spoken again. Next, the child should be invited to consider the plan for its implementation: time, sequence of actions. You can help to break the large task into small sequential pieces – to cope with them will be easier.

Giving instructions it is important to ask the motivation, because randomness is only beginning to emerge. Motivation must be strong enough for the job and be transformed as the child grows. "I'm doing homework, because then you can go for a walk" - "I'm doing homework because I'm curious and it's important to get a good grade".

an Important psychological neoplasms of primary school age will become not only the fulfillment of the set for adults goals, but their production itself, transformation of behaviour in accordance with these tasks.

For some tasks is convenient/necessary to use external help such as a clock. If the child is difficult to keep the attention on the lessons without distraction, then we can negotiate on your hard work within a specific time, and then allowed to take a break. The time it will be very individual for work performed and characteristics of each child. Hours can be sandy (very clearly), and mechanical, maybe a stopwatch. Gradually the need for external funds will be extinguished and replaced by external control comes internal.


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