Устала бороться с лишним весом!


Tired to fight obesity! Not want to once again torture yourself with rigid diet, then eat more! Not willing to undermine his health questionable pills and slimming teas who wash out of the body all the nutrients!
If so, then enough to deal with the consequences, and it is time to tackle the causes.
have You ever wondered why people suffering from obesity, fear of getting hypertension, diabetes, degenerative disc disease is not a sufficient motivation straineth? And even people who already have typical full of disease, not in a hurry to get rid of habits much?
And here we can draw an analogy with Smoking, alcohol, drugs. The damage to the body is obvious from these dependencies, but the pleasure is stronger! Therefore, food is a drug too. And just as difficult to get rid of these dependencies is complex and food addiction.
And just as there are programs for disposal such as from alcoholism, there are programs and methods to get rid of overeating.
of Course, many secretly dream of a magic pill that will instantly get rid of excess weight! Why is it impossible? Because the human body does everything for a reason! And the weight accumulates. Any sense of change, a symptom is a signal the body for us, the message, the message. Otherwise, he can't talk to us. The extra weight is also a signal! What wants to tell us our body, increasing in size?
we Can say that a lot and eat well, to spend leisure time on the couch, eat while chatting is a habit. Yes, it is. It is a lifestyle full of human. But is that all? What unsatisfied desires lurk behind these habits? What hidden purpose of such a lifestyle? How can I change this?
I, as a person full in the past, I wonder:
- why is it broken food raising a child in the family, which he then carries into adult life?
- how to distinguish between hunger and appetite?
- where does the appetite no hunger?
- what is the pleasure of eating, in addition to the flavor I get?
- how psychology explains food addiction?
And if the main reason of overeating is obvious – the pleasure, the benefits of extra pounds seems absurd! Is it possible that the large body has its advantages?
And the most important request – to be happy – is it possible in this weight? And why even talk about it, if we are now quickly pohudeem and immediately become good! We often talk about self love, acceptance. And whether it is necessary to love yourself, if you haven't got what you wanted? Maybe better to promise yourself a love, when postroeniya? The incentive will be!..

Helen BOS
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