Устраняем аноргазмию. Сложности характера. «Не хочу замуж». Как проще ко всему относиться?


my reception was a girl from Moscow. The essence of the problem state of my client was that she had not had relations with sexual partners. I must say that while to marry the girl was not ready. She more just wanted to learn how to communicate, know what to say, and to regulate the sexual side of a relationship.

I, as a family psychologist, psychotherapist and sexologist, beginning with psychology, because it always comes first in any relationship. And if we don't analyze the psychology of the client, the sex of the improvements may not be.

Now cleared of negative background my client from Moscow. As the girl said she had a lot of pens for different topics and it would easier to treat everything.

it turned Out that the girl lose energy through anxiety and inability to communicate. It stuck in her past. I had to make her g-problem state. We discussed a number of stories where there were difficulties with building relationships. It has been traced, as with guys and girls.

Now I, as a psychologist-sexologist, helped her to fill in the missing positive States to the behavior of girls, and thoughts about yourself and the aspect of confidence has changed and my client from Moscow began to look differently at themselves and others.

Next, we added her ease and apathy. Sometimes this girl is not enough. Now she realized what was wrong, and the thoughts become more peaceful.

Before that, I, in addition to all, had helped to clear her tears. Status: "often cry" was inherent in the girl. It also was from the past. Here overwrite childhood hurts, feelings, is a more positive Outlook, and the condition and behavior of my client from Moscow, once again changed.

Next, we have moved more in the direction of sex.

Reminded of past relationships with guys when it was not so, as the girl wanted, including sex.

Here I am, as a sexologist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, has worked connection client.

it was the negative memories with regards to a previous relationship. The guy was very lazy, not active in the whole life and in sex too. The girl everyone was waiting for him some action. In the end, the relationship came to naught.

of Course, we align, there are no particular difficulties have arisen.

Then I remembered the next young man who couldn't love. The girl felt no unity with him, and sex was no. I explained to the client that we are all different, and our level of libido, and indeed, if the person is in sex, most likely, the situation will be similar.

Hence, client from Moscow looked at myself differently, and the part of the sexual problem state associated with the sexual theme of the female anorgasmia and frigidity, we from it was eliminated.

Next, began to manifest itself the fear of the girl to build a relationship in a more serious aspect to get married. As it turned out, such a desire in the girl attended, but it was veiled with a pile of problems that we are now removed, and gradually it is her intention became apparent even more clearly.

Client understand that you don't have to be just sexual. It looks quite a but in itself there is something that does not give her opportunity to open up in love and sex. And when it is not, then the partner may also be in a certain confusion, especially if it is quite modest and inactive.

Following our psychotherapy will focus on the disclosure itself, to ensure the credibility of men, and the General ability to build relationships.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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