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is it Possible to be prepared to lose a loved one? Now I do understand that no.... And it's not the age of the deceased relative, not in external circumstances (was sick a long time, was closed and not communicative, "all of us sooner sludge later THERE will be", etc.). No matter what we told ourselves at the level of consciousness, it is inevitable in the life of every event is ALWAYS – confusion, the shock of what has happened, pain and inner emptiness.... And that this already should be ready.

is it Possible to help yourself live a loss? Now I do understand that Yes... How to do it? There are three important psychological moment in the adaptation to loss.

first, this work with its own separirovannoe. What is it? It is the condition when feeling love and acceptance towards others, a person does not depend on present in his life relations. This person very clearly aware of their responsibility for their lives, their healthy "boundaries," their strength and ability to be independent. It is very difficult. But a person with such a sense of self is easier to build and develop relationships with real people and pass the experiences of loss.

the Second, equally important factor of self-stabilization in situations of loss this study TRAVMATIKI related to the relationship. Any relationship, including parent-child, partner, business, etc., is primarily a reflection of emotional reactions and States of us. Therefore, the less the relationship is not worked out grievances, claims, expectations and anxieties, the easier it will be to let the person (especially in cases of death, for example, a parent or relative).

And third, it is important to allow yourself to live and manifest those EMOTIONS and FEELINGS that caused the death (or loss) of a loved one. Allow yourself to accept your state of sadness, despair, confusion, aggression and irritation. Deep sadness, grief and feelings of inner emptiness. Yes. At this stage in my life when confusion, bodily "risorante" and lack of energy pushed out of the stream of active life. When the surrounding people hard to be implicated in this condition (because of their own emotional unavailability). You just have to accept this condition as a given. Have to trust your emotions and body and live the experience. Otherwise, the state of authorianism can last for years.

And do not be ashamed to ask for help of specialists able to support and help to cope with this heavy burden called LOSS...

Bezmenova Elena
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