Утренний дневник психолога или Сколько грибов в третьем бочонке?


Today is a great day!

Wonderful, because started with a delicious Cup of coffee and letters sent to me by a friend in social networks.

the Letter short – weeping smiley and video.

the Video, which is suggestive.

Those around him to expand a lot.

for Example, what is right / not right mom, what's difficult daughters etc.

But I do not know, but how often do we, adults, become like that girl.

What makes us so unobservant and limited?

If we consider the phenomenon of human vision, it is binocular and permits us to see not only the objects located directly in front of us, but also those that are located in the periphery (peripheral vision).

This story with mushrooms / cucumbers clearly shows how we (people) stood in one and lose sight of another.

In such moments we recall a horse in blinkers.

Seeing some kind of purpose, we lose the peripheral field of view in the psychological sense.

So we ourselves, limited purpose, losing a life, as a way of travel.

Here it is the goal that is ahead, and life in all its diversity remains there - on the periphery!

So, for the numbers do not notice the words for mushrooms cucumbers.

looping on an idea or setup that may not meet the individual lifestyle, leads to the fact that we're losing your style, your way to move, to live, because we see only the distant future, oblivious to the fact that the future is bleak and uncertain.

We do not own the future, only the present belongs to us!

it is No accident we are given five senses to holistically perceive the world.

we wear the hoods, headphones and sunglasses lost in the flow and losing sensitivity to the world, to ourselves, and to another.

Intuition is called the sixth sense. Here I would call sensitivity.

If mom showed a little more sensitivity, a daughter is a lot faster showed care and found a discrepancy.

And then wouldn't have to ask irrelevant question, "which of us ...?

P. S So, WHAT makes us unobservant and limited?

Serdyuk Alevtina
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