Утро Алисы и Voice Dialogue. Записка №11


Early in the morning of a weekday. First thoughts revived from alarm call:

– Oh, God, I hate morning! How do you want to sleep.

Alice gets up, goes to brush his teeth, looks at himself in the mirror in the bathroom:

– my eyes are really good! Yesterday he stared at me...

a Dreamy smile.

the Village Breakfast. Eyes fell on the papers lying on the table. Yesterday brought from the office to finish. Then he activated dark thoughts:

– I Hate my job! Again, to sit in this fucking office. Listen to nonsense boss. To argue with IT due to glitches in the network.

Picky about the blouse to set off the gray-blue eyes.

– A new employee is nothing like that! Cute. In addition, the bachelor. Yesterday he smiled, –

Alice flushed, remembering the situation:

Suddenly today I get an invite to coffee break.

lipstick red lipstick, then wiped and applied the glitter:

No red lipstick! And then Natasha will understand that I looked new. In spite of I begin to flirt with him. And her legs no man will not remain indifferent.


My old love is the method, which is actively used in psychological practice – the psychology of sub-personalities by the method of "Dialogue with voices" (Voice Dialogue).

Developed this method in the early 70-ies of the XX century ingeniosa analysts from America Hal and Sidra stone.

the Basic idea of the psychology of sub-personalities: the human consciousness is fragmented. It consists of many parts, they are called polarity the inner world, subpersonalities, ego-States or "I". This diversity of the inner world a person perceives as a change of mood down or lift forces, in the form of a loss, "I would like to do, but I doubt that will work" in the form of conflict between "should do" and "don't want to do", etc.

From the point of view of psychology of sub-personalities all human problems arise from conflicting parts of the psyche.

Let us now consider intrapersonal conflicts in fictional stories me, "Morning, Alice".

the First internal conflict between the desire to sleep and need to go to work. If the conflict was not, or Alice would continue to sleep without any remorse. Or would going to work without gloomy thoughts.

the Second internal contradiction between the desire of a relationship with any colleague and self-doubt+fears to face competition.

How to resolve intrapersonal conflict with the help of "Dialogue with Voters"
  1. the Psychologist in the pre-interview, inquire what exactly "I" of the client involved in the conflict.
  2. using a specially constructed conversation is given the opportunity to "speak" to conflicting parts of the psyche. The result clarifies the reasons why the person is acting that way. He needs to change in your life or behavior to resolve intrapersonal conflict.
  3. the Client during this conversation, experiencing emotions and physical sensations associated with "I" involved in the conflict. This direct experience leads to different integration (unification) of these pieces in person.

the Psychology of sub-personalities by the method of "Dialogue with Voters" fits:
  • For finding the answer to the question: "What is the cause of what is happening in my life?"
  • To resolve internal and external conflicts
  • contact with repressed desires and emotions
  • To change habitual behavioural patterns
This method is contraindicated for those who suffer from mental illness!

In my practice integrate the psychology of sub-personalities with other methods: art therapy, MAK, psychodrama, symboldrama, procedural therapy, etc.

to schedule a consultation method "Dialogue with the voices" you can here.

If you have any questions – ask! I will gladly answer them.

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Svetlana celestial
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