Уверенность . Формирование себя


People are confident is different from insecure ,like , fate... and in fact, what this fate?

Luck? Character? Parents? Country?

let's Start with the character

and what is the nature of what it is and whether it can be built if from childhood he is not confident like this(

small daily actions at all levels( the movement of your thoughts and their direction, management attitude based on emotions, attitude, actions with others, etc.) are formed into habits. Habits already formed, in traits, and character determines your destiny.

can I change the character?

Here you when we were kids, the parents ,by their example ,taught your habits ,and you are added to the pot to date a little, but, with sufficient desire, it is quite possible to change!!!

the Structure is such that slowly people can relearn to think differently(adjustment)

emocionante differently and relate differently to their emotions.

to act in all spheres differently

the Foundation, a necessary and indispensable condition for the formation of confidence is sufficient behavioral repertoire, serving for adaptation or changes in your life.

So, if you're not confident and want to be sure that you will work on yourself.

Before it will be solved, certainly it is necessary very much and want to represent and what you the most confidence?)

maybe without it?)

or you already have some idea of how it will change your life if you are sure?

Imagine how you will feel? How you will implement yourself? How to change your relationship with your family and no close friends?


then formed itself gradually :

the presence and skills for action

the presence and skills to control the attitude

the presence and skills for positive and constructive thinking.

the positive experience of solving social problems and successfully achieve their goals (satisfy needs).

it is Possible to shape themselves, studying books and your experience and of others, falling and rising and every time working through each step

And you can trust the professional and walk this way for at least a short time and start enjoying his life much earlier)

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