Уверенность или образ уверенности

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Create your own image using ..... and find self-confidence - the renowned jewelry brand.

And ladies, especially insecure, I find, sometimes, very difficult, funds to buy at least a piece of confidence

And so , step by step..

Ornament, decoration, bags, cosmetics and other goods. New shoes, new dress, new fashion pants for three salaries from the famous brand.

Buy unnecessary things from all the shelves , in black, and not black Friday

Expect the external praise and your inner confidence.

But...... confidence things ,unfortunately,or fortunately, do not bring

a Small satisfaction , and then a few moments

a Small sense of superiority over those who have the goods of this brand

But the real confidence inside did not appear

How not to hang yourself ornaments if you're not at peace with myself and accept myself - the emptiness inside.

the more brands the woman, The confidence is higher?)

No, hardly. Rather fanciful way too a lot of jewelry, cosmetics, flashy things or brightness in makeup - the more we will see the lack of self-confidence and desire to win her through the assessment of others.

This is a dead end road. Evaluation other always will be controversial. If others feel your uncertainty and feel at the same time that you are using external attributes is trying to assert itself at their expense - would you even more to undermine the neglect or devaluation of the

Where to look for the source of self-confidence ?

How to build healthy self-esteem?

only by relying on their own values, boundaries, emotions, and dreams!

of course, it's a big job , but unlike the phony confidence, this work is worth it!

it is possible, perhaps , to appreciate, when go to simple jeans and a white t-shirt, but inside you don't care at all) no need no particular reason to hang on many attributes, like a Christmas tree!

by the way) soon the New year! And you can make yourself a very expensive(in the sense of the true value) to a real professional in your development!

Ask yourself the question: what happens to my life if this ode I self-confident?
If the answer is like - go for it!!

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