Уверенность "от природы".


Anastasia, that you are lucky, you won some by nature confident. And I'm not! I am by nature shy, timid, shy.

Put a ❤ like and also become more confident 😎⠀

Anastasia involuntarily smiling.⠀

My "confidence from nature" was given to me hard and long work on yourself. But this work was not to fit under any external standards or blind from something I am not. Rather, I worked on their attitudes, prejudices, inner beliefs. Some of them I "inherited" from his family. For example, "keep your head down, don't be the first."

Some invented for itself, not without selfish goals.... For example, if nothing is done, there will be disappointments, no one will judge your work, and work... simply because they are not. It gives a sense of imaginary security. Plus you won't make no mistake, if you don't do anything.

For me, confidence is not about who I am, and about how I assess their capabilities, strengths.⠀

to begin to freely write, shoot video, share your views, I overcame a huge number of complexes and fears that "something is wrong", "but if someone doesn't like it" and "who needs it".

Now I realize:⠀
✅I'm okay even when I make mistakes.⠀
✅Most importantly, what I do like and need me.⠀
✅I was a little worried that there are those who think my case is pointless, is much more valuable to me the people who go with me.⠀
✅do Not have to please everybody, to please myself. And it is impossible. One excludes the other.⠀
✅when you start to enjoy the process, it brings you the greatest results.⠀

have PS Saying that someone is lucky, it got easier and so on, you enter the position of the victims and turn in helplessness. This position is really difficult to regulate your own life. Change begins only where you allow yourself to think, act and take responsibility.⠀

And how sure of You? Share your stories✍⠀


Anastasiya Korepanova
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