Уверенность в себе

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Certainly, everyone at least once thought about how confident in himself whether he is man or not. And I have a suspicion that most of these thoughts are negative in nature, because, when no doubt the person, then, as a rule, rarely think about it and once again praises.

Confidence is the feeling of its power in any form, that you can do anything regardless of external circumstances.

confidence in the thoughts, deeds, manners!

a Lot of reasons prevents to literally exude confidence, we will note the most important ones:

  • as a child You are constantly told that "you're not capable!" or is it only once flashed, but clearly lingers in the memory;
  • You build relationships with the opposite sex or buddies/friends who let unflattering remarks about You, understating self-esteem;
  • You are too self-critical in relation to myself or call myself a perfectionist, why don't you just want good level in any of your endeavors - I want the best! Then, You think, will feel confident;
  • You constantly compare yourself with others and come to the conclusion that others are better, more beautiful, more productive, more successful, etc.;
  • You don't know what you want, have clear objectives, from which there is uncertainty, leading to lack of confidence;

self - doubt is a destructive experience, evoking a sense of guilt, the constant criticism towards themselves and others, dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, envy.

But at the same time, on the contrary, it can become the starting mechanism of pumping of confidence.

first, it is worth noting that the confidence is more of a skill than something originally laid down and is irreparable. So anyone can come to that level of confidence to which he wants!

second, it will not come by itself, You have to make an effort! It's not a matter of time, other people or circumstances.

So they receive the practical improvement of the skill to be a confident person:

  1. Find the cause, what exactly do You feel self-doubt (for the above reasons, although it may be something more subtle).
  2. Improve your skills in your area of interest. When You possess the knowledge, skills and abilities - You will feel at ease.
  3. More "arrogance" - good advice for those perfectionists who constantly doubts my ability. Most often, these people are already sufficiently proficient in everything, and do let your achievements shadow of a doubt.
  4. don't feel confident, PLAY! Give yourself the opportunity to play a confident person, I have no doubt that You will enjoy this role.
  5. If the external pressure is experienced by You is quite problematic and it seems that the people around are right, "I really don't deserve something", then the solution to this problem - reducing the value of all the surrounding circumstances. You can listen, but only You determine for yourself their standard of living, achievements and other things.

Being self-confident, the person begins to afford a better standard of living, believes in their abilities and exudes positive to the outside world.

Solovyova Maria
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