Уверенность в выборе — миф современности.

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a Little thoughtful existentialism you the tape. Instead of endless articles about how to become self-confident 48 hours how to stop being afraid, how to find your way. All this will not be here. Who was looking for the break. And who is ready to learn something new is welcome.

the Main thing that distinguishes man from the animals except for an opposable thumb is a grain identity. Grainbecause we are conscious of in your body is extremely small. What's in my gut is? And in the spleen? Where is she, anyway? Right? On the left? And how do nerve impulses do? And why am I again, with all the fighting? How to force yourself to start working?

of Course, few people willing to admit this his total helplessness in and of itself. We are accustomed to believe in the absolute consciousness and self-control. But alas — we are conscious of very little. Control even less.

And we also believe in freedom of choice. But the vast majority of our actions (if not all) is caused by the external environment. So accepted in our family. So my grandmother taught. So accepted in society. So we have programs media. I read in the trendy Insta-blogers. So we are moving on the implemented algorithms. And the only thing that makes us human — the ability in the moment to make a choice.

Imagine the scales. If the preponderance to one side — we'll go there without hesitation. But in the case of equilibrium there is a conflict. Here and requires our choice. The strong-willed decision. And this decision is always associated with doubt. We don't know how. We don't rely on that. If it was — it was not a choice in the full sense of the word. Then... they will always be guilt or regret that I did not choose the second... And do not escape from it.

the Desire to avoid a choice is a desire to kill a human. To get rid of the gift that makes us human. To blend in with the herd. The ability to make a choice — this is not to be sure, but to be able to worry, doubt, regret, guilt.

Those who promise to achieve confidence simply invest in people all new software packages. Your choice — to go on about, let others decide for you or doubt, and to return a responsibility.
Daniel Plotnikov
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