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I'll Try to start this day with a reminder of the right to vulnerability. br>
And how I can right to lose, for example, for fear of the shame of exposing some of yourself or fear of the shame of detection or fear of loss of control, or...

the Vulnerability as a sign of any living organism,
as a reminder of the sensitivity of all life,
as a reaction to the shortage or excessiveness of what I'm dealing with. br>
In a narcissistic world is a very scary word.
In a narcissistic environment is something from which one wants to die, it would be better to die. br>
But the more you hide, the more it tells about itself - as a stain of ink spreading to the whole soul. br>
Sometimes to such an extent that you completely forget that it's still fairly stable, something I'm quite good, in other situations where more security is better, I can navigate, to see, to feel, to make decisions. br>
Sometimes it is possible to greatly underestimate the power of the situation and charge the field and take too much for yourself.

Especially love to do those who are responsible for everyone and everything. I also sometimes catch myself on this.

Sometimes, for example, I notice that a seemingly harmless words strongly echo in me. I can be affected by it, hurt.

Often it depends on the context in which they are heard, including what I psychological condition, who says them to me, asking whether I mean to me something expressed, given, somehow supported. br>
sometimes From completely unpredictable things - a sudden witnesses a situation in which the sound of these words, my condition in this regard, my bias or charge to someone or something, the previous situation, which I have not departed, have not lived, my experience to which these words overlap. You name it.

That is the feeling I am experiencing this. Sadatoshi, zatronuty. But can try to persuade yourself to conclude a deal with myself that I should not be hurt, should not give weight to these words, shall by virtue of their harmlessness (and I continue to count, then ignoring, then trying to reckon with their reaction to them) to accept them, to admit, to swallow. br>
I am in the cleavage between their feelings and bodily reactions to something, and ideas of what I should be. br>
What to believe? If you believe my thoughts about what I see and what I need to do, you have to suppress feelings, to step on their throat, forcing themselves inside. br>
their fate is unknown, one can only assume that they will still find a way, possibly through acting out in other situations, perhaps through psychosomatics in the areas of target. br>
for Example, through the organs of digestion. the
Digest that the man was not necessary, but it is forced, under the influence of any ideas-"so right", "for health", "to", "for love"- a thrust, as any excess will have an effect severity, bitterness, heartburn, enzyme deficiency, stagnation, or Vice versa quick escapes. As anyone familiar.

And if you try to trust the feelings and to try to go after them?
I hurt. I affected.
I pulled away. If you go a little further and suggest that all of these reactions make any sense?

something just was excessive to me, too close, not the time, not what was, not what I need?

if I Have the right to rely on their feelings, can I trust them?
Give yourself time to look, to sniff what is happening, slowly cut this living, feeling part of himself.

I'd like to start this morning with this law on the vulnerability, trust to their own sensitivity and ability slowly, trying to focus in myself and in the environment.

And, maybe as a support - vulnerability - a characteristic of all living beings on Earth. I'm definitely not alone in that)

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Author: Alena Shvets

Alena Shvets
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