Уйти из "больных" отношений. Шаг к свободе!

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to Leave the sick relationship! A step to freedom!

...it all started very nice, romantic, magical....With Love...

Love is a feeling beyond explanation. You can of course find many theories of love, what it is, as occurs, its mechanisms, laws, species and subspecies . Scientifically, correctly, schematically, logically , to compartmentalize , to prove its laws, its principles... But we are not robots.

But real people . We have feelings, emotions, sensations. We FEEL! LOVE!!!

Love gives us a variety of feelings , sensations, fills the life with colors makes it brighter and more interesting.

Love is when you want to be with a loved one . This is the "flying butterflies, the euphoria , when you want to sing, to fool around. When you can do it, you got it easy, when flying, soar on the wings ... Deep and wonderful feeling. The joy of what you love and love!

I Want this forever and always!

of Course you can call it love , passion . Some illusion. But when we fall in love, love, the other person is for us the best. And in him see all the good things.

And then... the word "then".. it is somehow annoying, cause some vague sense of something disturbing... that is inevitable...

there are relationship between two people... And this is the whole story, a whole world, a whole encyclopedia of his life experience, attitudes, values, character, interests, and the other person.

Two-loving - start relationship. Different, very different. They can be family and friends, to go their way together , sharing hardships and joys, sharing something , and taking each other. Together to develop and pass their way of life , to grow as a person.

And can disperse, become alien and distant from each other . But to continue this relationship. Alienated further and further, having determined to LEAVE.

Because ... scared, hurt, hurt, habit, children, joint life, because...Yeah why?

the Theme of painful relationships one of the main things that people to turn to psychologists. Relationship choices. To leave or to stay.

" In relationships very badly, and without them is even worse" . But pent up, overdue.

...And to start it again about the relationship.

Good relationship- easy, pleasant, comfortable. There is a concern ( get some tea, doctor-on-call, feed, shelter, curious, help advice, business , hug - take care.) When are the opinions of each other, give gifts , just saying " thank you," "good night." When you can just sit and not say anything, everything is clear without words. When there are two relatives of the man....It is certainly not picture perfect. The relationship can be disputes and minor conflicts , differences, both are angry, tired, irritable. But it is rare . Most often in such a relationship - comfortable and well. The indicator of such a relationship - feelings - Calm, stable, happy, comfortable.

Bad relationship -come in different range from constant criticism ( not, not, why, what) - to humiliation and physical abuse. Don't know what to expect in such a relationship , whether of flowers and a hug, or quarrels, conflicts and constant arguments, in the form of claims. Mood swings , ripping anger and aggression. No care, no respect, no warmth. Constant companion of such a relationship - claims and accusations of each other. Feelings - fear, anxiety, resentment, anger, fatigue , despair, pity.

What to choose? RELATIONS in the suffering, pain and fears ...

Choose finally... Remember that I got Ya With your desires , dreams , feelings , with your quirks, your uniqueness, uniqueness.

I - Man

I am a Person

I Butterfly


I Divine

I have the right to live well, happily , interesting.

And this ...just ...

...the First little step... the courage...to take a deep breath and step... new.. not yet known, and a little disturbing... But in this unknown breathe easier , and felt the taste of freedom and a new LIFE!

...And I understand how difficult it is to make this small step.. .. . and as it is necessary...Very necessary.

And so, it's time to open YOURSELF - Yourself

To open itself to the World

For new and interesting YOUR life.

For joy

For pleasure

Love is a wonderful feeling that makes life, makes it brighter, more interesting, more colorful.

how to start a love ? ....

Love yourself! When you just have! It is You and that's what is needed!

And you can say to yourself " how good I am!"

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