Уж замуж невтерпеж или синдром Бабы Яги

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once there was Baba Yaga...
very soft-hearted. And Oh, what a beautiful...
she thought, not knowing that with age, emotions are "printed" on the face, aging occurs prematurely.
But it's not about that. More precisely, not only about this. Although the external is important but the internal is more important. And if it is not to pay attention, and external defects not to correct and not shaded and no makeup.
And our grandmother was a lover to pose in front of a mirror. Because even though the witch, but still a woman. Happiness and women want. And Prince on a horse. And he did not appear even in the vicinity. As the years go by. The age of Baba Yaga was the one when "Baba berry again", and nature demanded of her.
she was Sad, lost his thoughts and memories. Even let a tear. Loneliness, it no such break.
she Remembered as being young and merry, had Affairs left and right, and with the wizard, and dragon, and with a couple of devils, and... Wrinkled in frustration. And even spat... "Ugh you're evil, and how I managed them obzharitsya? Where eyes looked? Only time wasted!!! Now what to do? The years go by. Old age to pass someone right? It!!!"
I Must say that Baba Yaga was not one of those who stopped halfway. The nature of the still. No sooner said than done!!! Why would she do this. And then all personal. And time is running out. And age, damn it...Even 5 years – and who it will look wrinkled?
she Began to brood. How to fix the situation and achieve the desired? All the methods tried. The potion cooked. The bullseye on a platter ride – seeing all the latest techniques of Dating and obtaining happiness that recommend well-known "scientists". Even stylist and beautician was discharged on a diet, "sat", the closet has changed – do not jump to her princes, and all here...
she is Quite desperate. In the modern industry of fashion and beauty disappointed even. Dressed again in his usual rags, like the taste of favorite foods, and, in spite of the data itself promises to "keep in shape", ate heartily, and potion, brewed personally washed down.
Drinking and singing... About the hard woman's share, about how bad it is to be one, that no it has no protection, no support, all by herself, Yes herself, as the years go by, and that's really old age looms on the horizon, and there and... a little woman was deeply moved, crying bitterly, pitied myself... and fell asleep sitting on the threshold of the cabin.
I woke up a headache. Something more than just a potion is added, a memory began to fail...
However, the patient's head is able to think. Especially about what it was. Where to find boyfriend in her years, her biography and life experience?
Thrown in the woods cry. Ran old girlfriend... Well, trouble does not help? And among girlfriends – all as on selection – its of a feather. Even superficially similar. the
Began to keep the Council to come up with what you can do as a business to improve, to appease the longing of home while on good fellow. All possible options tried, experiences exchanged, checked out the stars – the same right? Whispered spells. Over the fire jump. In the bath warm up the healing with herbs. In General, the entire Indian Arsenal in the course let.
Long was the Sabbath. All present much hope for a result stopped. So, for the view, each other supported by talking about what "a little while and it'll work."
And in that day when the last hope is gone, and they all admitted they were disappointed in their expectations, look... from the forest to the hut man. A simple peasant, with an axe in his belt, pants, shirt da boots.
Baba Yaga joy speechless, rushed to him. On the neck hung. Shouts to the forest "my soul mate", and drags in the hut. And the little man rests. The stories knew that the trick it to his beckoning... Stands on his own, "do not go, and that's it"!!!
Baba Yaga the gift of speech lost. "What do you mean? I'm here, you know, all worn out, but you Balk"? Angry, in a word. Cheering, yelling at the guy, as not only hurts, but he doesn't care. Worth grins.
Finally tired. Sat on a stump to catch my breath. Yes, there is the idea she came up with a smart – kindly ask her why she a man don't need? The house have a no. Provided you might say. Working not lazy, a little money. And gold-silver in the bins there. Loves animals – cat, mouse and owl – like family. A learned to follow. Magazines and writes books. In his spare time crochet knits. the
And the man she asks:
- A love that can you do? Really? The man's alive with love. Without it, you don't need anything. And if it is – then all. And the wings will grow, and the sky will rise, and the impossible will become possible and the life of the black will be white or rosy.
and gasped Baba Yaga from his response. Stood up, and went home.
Love to learn. Realized that the cunning, magnetism, Yes, potions of happiness will not extract.

Fedoseeva Eleanor
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