Ужасы бессознательного (иррациональные страхи)

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Very often the process of psychotherapy patients talking about irrational fears, which can manifest as persistent, repetitive frightening thoughts, exciting imagination and it draws a horrifying picture. Patients begin to fear themselves. Get rid of this "horror" rational arguments are not always possible, despite the fact that the content of these fears is contrary to common sense and the true wishes of the patients.

irrational fears. They conflict with what people really want. His fear that he, for some inexplicable reason, or, for some "alien will" lose control of himself and realize these frightening thoughts, having made a terrible, irreparable and irreversible act toward yourself or nearby people.... Patients can't understand where these thoughts come from, why they took control of their minds, how to get rid of them?

here are some of examples of such irrational fears:

  • "I was afraid of sharp and cutting objects (knives, axes, forks...). I think I'll lose control and strike your family..."
  • "I want to cross the road, but I dread the thought that I can throw under the car. If someone pushes me to do it, although I do not want and are afraid."
  • "I'm afraid to be alone in a dark room. Me covered in inexplicable horror. Like some terrible, invisible'll come and touch me."

Our mind is, at least, of the conscious and unconscious parts. And if something we can "consciously want", then maybe we can something "want" and unconsciously? Hence, conscious and unconscious can have its own "goals and reasons"? And "inexplicable desire" irrational fears can be the desires from the unconscious.

that's why they defy logic and rational explanation. The requirements of such "messages from the unconscious", like, makes a person into contact with what he fears. But how to decode such a message? What threat prevents irrational fear? For sure, not only that axes and knives, and cars can knock down pedestrians, and in the dark, in fact, nothing can be seen?

Our unconscious "speaks" with us. Words and images – different languages. "The meaning of" rational fear ("afraid to cut the hand on a sharp knife") understandable and has a logical explanation, which cannot be said about irrational fears. Unconscious (hidden desires) are stored in the deepest layers of our psyche. Unbearable experiences in the unconscious can break through into consciousness in the form of unbearable (irrational) fear to them the impossibility could be converted into something unbearable. This mentality gives driven experience in "image". And, in order to understand what, in fact, wants us to irrational fear, you need to try to "decipher" the meaning of this "disgusting" that will help to uncover its "unconscious desire."

you can use direct questions to help "look" this fear, "think through it, "expand the Association,"":

  • What he wants this "scary thought"?
  • What will happen when it happens?
  • What will change for me?
  • it would be "mean" to me? Select and perform the Association.
  • What will I feel? What is the feeling? (Important this feeling is called)
  • What contradictory feelings can occur when "a frightening thought" come true? (these feelings may indicate the contents of the unconscious conflict)
  • try to formulate the "hidden meaning" irrational fear, scary thoughts.

of Course, the meaning of any unconscious message is always considered in context with the life history of this patient.

examples "decode" meaning of irrational fears.


- I think that I'll take an axe and hacked her husband. But, I love it and very afraid of losing him. We have a good family.

"to Kill" means to remove forever "remove" someone something "interferes", "danger." Any loss free from the lost, i.e. it gives freedom. But, having lost her husband, the patient will have to take responsibility for your life. Being throughout life together emotionally and financially dependent on him, she felt great anxiety: "What will happen to me if, suddenly, something happens to my husband? I can't live without him!" And if anxiety is the unconscious fear ("I want to be independent, but her husband doesn't want me working" ... or "I feel like my life is passing me by, I never implemented" ...), then this fear is "planted" patient "symbolic solution" - "to remain without a husband", to separate it from itself ("to cut off") to get rid of an existing addiction and take responsibility for your own life....


What message may carry a "fear to throw under the car"?

"I'm afraid that I'll kill myself" - "I will not implement itself", not "am a". What can be this fear? What a feeling for him hidden? It is possible that this "self-nothingness". Maybe it's that I live as though this life I don't need ("gonna throw myself under a car"), or I don't need, my life has lost the value for me? What does this fear based on? Search yourself, your sense of life, awareness of the value of its existence: "Why I came into this world? I "here" doing?"

And irrational fear "of the dark"?

I'm afraid of the dark?

-What happens in the dark?

- Someone quietly enter and touch me... That he'll let me know? What's it like? Probably, what in my life might happen, something unexpected and "terrible", what I "can't see".

it is possible that this fear of "loss of control over the events of his own life", "fear the future": "What will happen to me?"


Despite the many theories and approaches, the human psyche remains "on" little known. Our unconscious sometimes brings to our consciousness the meaning stored in it's "intricate." Maybe in the unconscious are stored not only hidden desires, repressed traumas, experiences, but required to complete the "life plans"? What neither remember, nor think not like, but, the TIME COMES and we are persistently given "one more try" to remember and implement? Something karmic. Not pass "this level" - will not move to the next? And it needs to become stronger and less vulnerable to situations to which our mind for some reason, still have not developed healthy ways of coping – did not understand their meaning?

sincerely, Shchetinina Galina.

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