Ужиный Король, пациентка и психолог (Вужыны Кароль, пацыентка і псыхоляг)


the patient, who is in the hospital with the consequences of a long heavy stroke, seen in the house of snakes - one on the Cabinet and several on the curtains. She said that at home, too, saw one huge snake above him. Offended that relatives say that she saw a hallucination.

I told her a few good stories about snakes. Reminded that once they lived quietly Belarus right in the homes, looking after the children and guard the property while the owners were absent, and even milk could be drunk along with a person from the same Cup. And not only in Belarus is there. The snakes were valued almost all the Slavs as well as Lithuanians and Latvians.

I told him about dinner, the king, on his Golden crown, which he can give to someone who will treat him with appropriate respect, and that "really good man" - this is stated in some of the Baltic and Belarusian legends and fairy tales :)

I asked the woman what danger really is for her. She said: "But suddenly at night it will fall to me in bed ..."I'm very impressed. And the doctor also a bit impressed. Much is still unknown in the human psyche ... And who are these snakes? Maybe it's "too-OK", "no-yard", "no-guardian"? So they "klassificeret" and legends. Knowledge of the principles of Ethnography, folklore, history, art for modern psychologist must !? :)

the Patient is an avid fisherwoman with a great experience. Before sick, all the free time spent on the river, outdoors in Western Belarus. Loves to talk about fishing and fish. Relatives, of course, the best of intentions tried to prove to her that there are no snakes in the house no. But don't do that, because a sick man still sees them and is offended if you don't believe him. You can say; "I don't see it". But not to argue or prove that he is wrong. People usually slowly calms down, if he is given the opportunity to speak out and help to realize that in the seen there is any danger for him.

Also, do not talk with the sick person had seen them "phenomena," then, when he does not see them and they are not recalls. And, in any case, you should assure him that You are near, so it is safe. About prayer too, it must be remembered, because "if God be for us, who can be against us"?

the next day the snakes in the house was gone. And the next day in the house came the storks.

When something similar happened in hospice and with the participation of the mythical cat Varginha. About him can be read here: https://www.b17.ru/article/54044/

good health to us all!

the snake King. Lusatian artist Martin Novak-Nagornskiy

(Ziman Carol. Lujack whale Marcin Novak-Nearness)

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I spychala ¡gancini, yakuyu nebezpeku the vouge was for Yaya. Jan Tolk said, "And raptum, unachi Yong swazzi Yes Myane ¡logic ..."Wrasse I velm. I REC taksama kriho Rassa. Colic ASCE nevedomaja ¡calvachi psychci... I hto Yana - tyya, Vuji? Mo' geta "vouge-hatch", "vouge-damask", "vouge-vartak", "vouge-Salsk"? So "clasificaci" IX rozna paganin dy legends. Vedrine ASNOVA etnograf, falkler, gstory, mestastasizes for suchasnogo psychologa obavestava!?:)

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nastupny Zen Vujo at the Palace IO was not. And prezi Zen from the house priletel Buslov.

Calcic static podobne ambivalence ¡hops I s udzielam mofongo Kata Varga. PRA Kata can pracitice here: https://www.b17.ru/article/54044/

Minage sdroa us all!

Marina Bobrovskaya
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