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Temperament shows how easily emotions affect human activity.

to Encourage action.

Temperament from the Latin "temperamentum" means a set of traits. The typology of the ancient, is from the time of Hippocrates. "Pure" types of temperament are extremely rare. But the predominance of temperament is always there. This is due to the physiology. Temperament-based personality.

Remember the tale "the Golden key". The example of these heroes, you can watch how to manifest their emotional activity. Pinocchio-spontaneous optimist sanguine, went to school, became interested in the idea money tree. Gave up and went to the land of Fools.

Karabas-Barabas -emotional, excitable, hot-headed. Irritated for any reason, noise, splutter, chasing Pinocchio through the woods ,not noticing that his beard is already stuck to the tree trunk.

Malvina - thoughtful, self-contained phlegmatic. Very reasonable, follows the rules. Knows what is good and what is bad, and requires compliance from others.

Piero sensitive, vulnerable melancholic. In love and selfless. Suffering. And writes poetry.

Using this article and caricatures H. Bidstrup try to determine what type of temperament prevails in you and your family.


you dominate positive emotions, you are cheerful and good-natured man. Speak quickly, reinforcing his words with gestures and facial expressions. You will quickly adapt to the new conditions, easy to get along with people. You are considered a soul of company. Like everything new and interesting. Emotions rapidly succeed each other. I have leadership qualities. Stress.

But! You often struggle to focus on something one, sometimes you accused of what you are superficial and scattered on trifles. Impulsivity does not allow to focus and make the right decision. Yet you love to brag about. But it may not be lack.

hot-headed. If you are choleric, you are passionate, able to surrender to the fascination with all the showers. And obstacles you don't notice. Love new and interesting. Speak quickly and impulsively, agile and playful

But! Are you often in the anxious emotional state, excessively irritable. Often conflict. Don't know how to calculate the strength.

Phlegmatic. You are calm and balanced person. Thoughtful. Always bring it started to end. Don't like to risk. Faithful and reliable. You have a small circle of friends, but you are very attached to them and they appreciate you for the ability to support. Terse.

But. You tend to be jealous. And still slow. Don't like change. Vindictive. Sometimes lazy.

Melancholy you Have good instincts. You are a sensitive person who likes to understand the details of what is happening. Look for the deeper meaning. You are very impressionable. A creative nature. You are prone to deep feelings of loyalty, affection. You are distinguished by high intelligence.

But. You are a very sensitive person, and failure undergoing long, though outwardly it did not show. Not inclined to change the situation.

I Hope you were able to determine your temperament type. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Subscribe and the following articles I will tell you how to adjust your character.

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