Узнайте насколько вы готовы решить проблемы воспитания

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And you wonder why some mothers get to build good relationships with their children, while others do not? You can now just to learn about it. And also check whether you will be able to quickly and easily establish a warm relationship with your child. For that you need to answer three questions. Because you will reply to yourself, it is best to do in writing. And this is necessary to ensure that your response is not lost in the vast expanses of your thoughts and you could return to it, comprehend and understand it. It is not necessary to read all three questions at once. After reading one question, just write the answer. After the answer is written, read the second question and, also, give him a written response. Don't be afraid to write whatever comes to mind, because you write it for yourself and no one except you will not read, of course, if you won't show anyone his notes. Take a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil. Are you ready?

getting Started.

1.Where do you see the problem occurring between you and your child?

2.Who, in your opinion, is most responsible for what is happening? a Little explanation. Responsible – most wants prosperity or a successful resolution of the situation (problems).

3.Who, in your opinion, should the situation/problem to solve/overcome?

To help you first answer the question and not get ahead of ourselves and read further, I first will publish only questions. But what to do with it later. Nice answers to the questions.

So I wanted to write, but not enough amount of words to publish, and, therefore, continue without interruption. Still try first to answer, and then continue to read.

Questions read. The answers recorded. And now you have the answers to three questions. Now for each answer, where are you personally and you personally take part, check one score. The maximum number of points is 3 and the minimum is 0.

If you scored 3 points, you can already see the problem and to solve it, willing to change to solve the problem/situation. Most importantly you have the willingness to change the situation in the desired direction. You just do not have enough knowledge and skills how to do it.

If you typed 2 points, then you're not ready to do now, something to solve, especially the long-term ongoing problems/situation. This is not for you acuity necessary for readiness to solve the situation/problem. This does not mean that you have nothing. It's just a failure not only knowledge and skills but also willingness.

If you scored 1 or fewer balls, then you are even further from the normalization of their relationship with their child. Your way to solving the problem for much longer. You lack not only knowledge, skills, willingness, and vision to a real problem, and you don't see the point in any change. And as the saying goes, what you don't see (why not) impossible to do anything. You too can succeed. Just your way longer.

I advocate that the people with whom I work received a specific results in changing behavior for the better. So I work with those who are picking up three points. That is, those who need it, and who already is now ready to take actions to change the situation for the better. When one is interested, I guarantee they desired, they also, result. I work with those who really need it.

With those who scored 2 points, I work first on development of understanding and higher level of readiness for carrying out of improving changes. And then on changing situation in the relationship with the child.

With those who scored 1 or less points, I'm not working. Because I don't work with people who are not interested in themselves and their children, those who lay blame on others (not interested in its own welfare and the welfare of their children).

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Oleg Timofeevich
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