Узнайте свое будущее. Три мини-теста про деньги


People used to treat your money is very superficial.

  • If the money is there — we are calm.
  • If they are not — we begin to worry, but no more. When we again have money, then forget about them until the next "crisis".

Money is a significant part of human life. It is therefore essential to learn how to properly dispose of them (including earn, save and multiply).

Let us imagine two students enrolled for the same work with the same salary.

  • One of them financially illiterate (like almost 100% of our citizens), the second — financially literate (i.e. have the skills to correct the everyday circulation of money).
  • it would Seem that the starting point for each will be a single, but after 5 years one of them will become a millionaire, and the second will continue to receive the same salary.

Why it happened? Because one of them saved money and invested them, and the other lived in pleasure and, as they say, from paycheck to paycheck.

Attitude to money is a good litmus test. According to how the person handles his money, you can easily determine what the financial prospects it is expected.

we Offer you with the help of three small mini-tests to determine your "money script". Who you are — rich or poor?

*the results of the tests may seem to some to be too unexpected, remain calm!

TEST # 1

the Question is: how long can you survive without changing your usual expenses if you lose your job?

What is your answer? A month? Two? Year? If you can't be sure that will last long without their main source of income at least 9 months, you know — You are a potential beggar!

  • Why 9 months? Because this is the average time for the search of employment and a good job (not the first).
  • in addition, to have a single source of income is extremely dangerous for your family budget. Think about how else you can earn money? Always have a fallback (just in case you suddenly get fired).

TEST # 2

Question: rate your level of income. It seems acceptable to you? Or do you think that getting too little?

If you think that you do not pay extra, the reason for this in your professional competence (or rather their failure or even in their absence).

a Good specialist is always in demand and highly valued in the labour market.

TEST # 3

Question: do you think that the government should care about your financial well-being in old age?

If you answered "Yes", then I have bad news for you. The amount of the pension is hardly enough to live comfortably.

Therefore, start to defer part of their salary and invest (these 2 steps will quickly make you financially wealthy person).


  1. understanding the problem is half its solution. Start a new way to handle their money.
  2. Start now to master financial literacy.


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Stuart McPhee
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