В чем смысл жизни?

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the Realization of their human destiny on Earth and in society is very important for everyone. When we come to the understanding that we can, that we are interested in important and what we do best, only then can we find ourselves. It is in this conscious position of the selected case will bring joy to us and to the benefit of everyone else.

From birth, we first learn to walk and talk, then attain skills in drawing and writing, music and dance. All this develops a person and gives you the opportunity to open those or other talents. But life disposed differently. In schools we learn a lot of science that may not be useful in our future life, and the choice of school may well be for parents. Thanks to all this, we get the specialty which we do not like and is not suitable. Some people continue to be "not in place" all my life, others are trying to change something, and others take on and change.

As you can see, the purpose is extremely difficult and controversial thing. But it is like the filling for vessel: a regular bottle of wine has no value, its mission is to keep the work of the winemaker. Each of us filled with meaning as long as he will not abandon him.

not to be among the first you need to think about your destination. To do this, especially in childhood, is extremely difficult and not everyone has the desire to dig in yourself. But just trust me, the sooner will come the realization, the sooner You'll be successful and completely happy.

in order to delve into his consciousness, there are many practices, one of which will be presented below. This is the easiest and most affordable option. Its use can as adults and the older children. Start!

  1. first you need to answer the question about interests and values. The interests define the nature of our activities. It was with their implementation the parallel implementation and our values. Of course these same values can be similar millions of people living in one culture, but the priorities will necessarily be different for everyone. For this reason, initially it is necessary to understand their values and determine their priority. On paper you need to answer a couple of questions: 1. What I'm wondering? 2. What I think is most important in life?
  2. Now you need to understand what talents and skills we have. It skills, developed since childhood can find the kind of activities that will be the easiest way, which means that we will succeed in this area. And only then, doing "his thing" everyone will be able to reach incredible heights in the business. Answer yourself: What are we doing, without making special efforts and get pleasure from it?
  3. When we were children, we knew exactly who I wanted to be. Go back to your childhood and answer: Who I wanted to be?
  4. word with yourself and focusing answer the question: what do you see as its purpose? You need to answer in writing until, until you find the answer, who cares. You can answer at least 15 times.
  5. Definition of dreams and goals is performed using response to the questions: the Main dream of my life? The purpose of life? And then answer: Why is it necessary?
  6. Repeat the previous paragraph until, until the same response.
  7. Analyze all responses and find the common in them. That is the answer to the question about the purpose.

If such a practice seems daunting, you can try another. Imagine that suddenly you managed to win 100 million Now do not think about their daily bread. Think about how Your life has changed? What would You prefer to do and how long it lasted? Now imagine that all wishes are granted and all pall. What to do? When you get the answer to the last question, he will be Your destiny.

Looking for answers to questions and be a full happy person!


Elena Dieter
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