В чем терапевтический смысл таро? На примере расклада

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Now, when I sink deeper into the fascinating process of integration of counseling and therapy, using Tarot, you know, how I was wrong!

Helps the practitioner of the Tarot, in contrast to fortune tellers is not prescriptive and leaves the customer to interpret himself, only putting it in the essence of each card, so almost. Equating Tarot to Metaphoric Associative Cards

Want to share a scenario which is made for yourself to decide.

What do I mean, it would seem that such an unexpected broken leg?

the Balance I did the online app to work with MAC Skype, using my beloved deck "Tarot of the Hidden Reality."

Those of my colleagues who own this tool, I see that in the scenario, few major Arcana that says that overall, in my situation, there's nothing really fatal!

Only, very well located Justice and the Magician.

it is happy!

Go cards!

My interpretation is based only on the basic knowledge and own projections

1 map like Present - Eight of Wands - indicate that, despite the suddenness of the incident, all led to it-namely, that I ignored supplementation from osteoporosis and not very actively reduced weight – the result is obvious.

2 the map "the Past" - Justice. Is that you should think about what led to the situation. The necessary analysis

3. map the "Future" of MAG – talks about the birth of something new, in fact, is a turning point in life. Great prospects are opening up that requires a lot of intellectual work.

4 the map is "Hidden" - three of Pentacles In a situation has a profound meaning and a lot of creative energy which thus gave an opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

map 4 "the Gift" - the Queen of Swords Internal power, as always in critical moments help to cope with difficulties and come out a winner

6 the map "Challenge" - Five of Swords– the Situation will help me get rid of some Hausa and confusion . Become more collected and measured.

7 card "Reward" - Deuce of Wands – the situation has helped me to slow down before important step before choosing to go or not to go where I was going, but was postponed a trip to Moscow! So, it is not yet time.

Conclusion: thus, in a way, confirmed my assumption that the fracture is a metaphor for a tipping point.

And it is not surprising that this delicate instrument is increasingly used not only esoteric and wizards, but professional psychotherapists

what is, after all, the therapeutic sense of the Tarot?

Modern psychologists believe that the images on the 22 major Arcana of the Tarot is archetypal psychological roles that we must learn to consciously manage to be much happier and in love and at work.In socionics, there are 16 psychological types, which the researchers correlated the Tarot with the Royal court (16 minor Arcana cards – kings, Queens, knights, pages four cards in each of four suits).

no Wonder with the position of Jungian analysis, Tarot helps you to connect to the collective unconscious.

PSimages of the Tarot penetrate into the unconscious, gently clean it from all superficial, as ancient frescoes from many layers of plaster.

Natalia Filimonova
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