В чужой шкуре


I notice sometimes I pull someone else's skin, i.e. do not communicate with me at this moment, but someone from your environment or from a past or previous life. The situation when a person speaks not with you, and your girlfriend, for example, which constantly ached, and now as soon as you open your mouth to share experiences, they magically turn into nagging, and you, of course, bloodsucking the sufferer.

Or, for example, your partner was domineering mother, and your every intention to find out why he won't go with your suggestion on some common case any clarification is made to clarify and not to devalue or to insist that it's better to be your inevitably turns them in your desire to suppress rebellion is found by pouring on the head (yours, of course) of the hot resin.

Or, on the contrary, mom is very careful with your counterpart, and before you decide on something, it is 7 times measure, think and weigh, but more so denied him for fear of offending, and when you interlocutor is saying that you before you decide on something, you need to carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" to prepare the ground and to consider the options of withdrawal, if required, immediately at this point, you will be the one, who "well, of course, Yes, who wants to, looking for opportunities, and who does not want looks for excuses."

And now you're standing with a scorched resin head and justify some time it's not donkey, and would not, did not intend, and do not was not involved and was not involved... and then spit, turn around and leave. But it's one of the options.

And sometimes can not be heard now, but eventually (!), if the relationship is important, and you can find the strength to explain that I'm actually not an ass/whiner/overbearing mother and controlling father/ex-wife-bitch/drunk paratrooper/psychopath... and the second, if his relationship is also important, you can see that-but still, in front of him, not mom, not dad and not a drunk paratrooper.

But you can, of course, not be heard, the word NEVER, and it can't be helped. This is neither good nor bad, you know? Just it can't be helped. It is a reality.

Curiously, the relationship is not necessarily over (even when you can not help): in this fork can be like in a fairy tale)) But I'm talking about it the next time, I'll write.

Kolotilina Victoria
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