В игре удача зависит от того, как как карта ляжет, в жизни – как карма


From the forthcoming book: "the Book is intelligent guesswork". (80)

don't laugh at those who lived before you, may you laugh at yourself, don't be jealous of those who will live after you, maybe you re jealous of herself...

the habits of the old life.

Only limitedlimit the other.

Conservatism is a sign of character or age.

Ability without character – characteristic of future losers...

Want to remember something, forget something you want to remember and remember...

Our "rake", which we come through the pain of changing our experience of others – for us the only entertainment.

One even the smallest action now more valuable many possible Grand in the future.

If we do something according to their purpose, God helping us, if, according to his whim – not a hindrance.

Only in the condition of the student that accurately obtain, and the human condition – to give.

Maybe hell is only suffering in our next life for intensity equal to the accumulated negative energy of wrong action in this...

Time goes fast, when you speak, and slower when listening to...

If a person can't be happy today, here and now, it is unlikely he will be able to be happy tomorrow, somewhere...

Correctly assessing any situation in the present, we rely on past experience and usually – not always right...

Deliberate attempt of the mother to raise a son alone a real man, can lead to the fact that she can raise a man... gay...

If the child is about 8 to 12 years old receives from his parents approval of his actions, he may not learn in the future to set goals and achieve them.

Not around the child will play with life.

Sometimes the strong desire of women to earn, pushes the man to the sofa.

a Woman who constantly points man with it, becomes for him not a woman but a pointer.

At the moment we have money, always just enough how much you NEED and only the amount to which we are READY, and dream about how they will be – we can arbitrarily.

If we do not change consciousness – a lot of money do not get it, but if still get, the more likely you'll lose.

If we don't want to go to work, then it is certainly not our job.

Receiving characteristic is giving, giving, guaranteed – getting...

the Man who tries to bend the world for themselves – can make it crooked.

Excessive zeal and control in the performance of religious rites, straining the soul and alienates the enlightenment.

whether One is a place where love comes from and where it returns after over...!

Without the habit of a little joy, very difficult to get great happiness.

Great joy in the shower tends to leak out.

Rastapi Alexander
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