В какой реальности мы живем?

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the reality In which we live? Every second our body processes take place, which we are not aware of. In the external environment is also very much that does not reach our conscious awareness. Information just is eliminated as unnecessary, does not pass through the filters of perception and stereotyped thinking.

Gestalt psychology expands the awareness of a person, teaches to draw attention to important processes and events of life. Consciousness is attention and attention to yourself and the world around them. In itself, the awareness may be of therapeutic nature. The most simple and at the same time a challenging exercise, which can expand the area of awareness – presence in the present moment. It is close to indifferent perception of reality, a description of what happens. Seem to work camera. It looks from the outside, and simply records the events. One such exercise can bring a lot of clarity in what is happening in the moment. As a result, you may suddenly realize what you really want, and what avoid.

Psychologists have identified three zones of perception or attention. It's internal, external and middle. The internal zone is all that is happening inside our body. This is something that can only feel you. The boundary of this area is the skin. All that is under the skin – the inner zone. You can do an exercise on the awareness of, and focus on inner zone. For example: I feel my heartbeat, the warmth of the hands, deep breathing. The outer zone is all that is happening in the world independently of us. Awareness here: birdsong, the light bulb, the conversations of neighbors, etc. In the middle area are our thoughts, fantasies, plans. If you concentrate on it, you can lose touch with reality. To fly in dreams or daydreams. Or use your creativity also enclosed in this area.

we often "stick" in the middle zone. Not aware of what is happening with us and with the world. In this case, you need to focus first on the internal zone, to feel yourself, your body, your mood, feel arms, legs, breathing. Then switch on the external area, to describe what happens there. The middle zone will lose some of the attention will diminish, and your contact with yourself and other people will increase. Do this exercise when you feel that you are overwhelmed by heavy thoughts. Thus it is possible quickly to re-establish contact with yourself and others that will improve the quality of your communication and life in General.

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