В каждом из нас завис мальчишка с мечтами поэта...


Today, the mood color - multi-colored) Around the unreal beauty of the autumn Park in the player - the song of 30.02 "Example", and in my head - again thoughts on this topic)

"We of prefabricated buildings, may be why
each of us hung boy with dreams of the poet,
And while the fashion labels labels and tags
He promised it to burn and not to live under a carbon paper".

In the modern world, oriented to achievements, where the criteria of achievement and success people seem to be the model number of the IPhone, the number of square meters in the apartment, star hotel or the degree of justification of someone's expectations of you, so often no time to just stop... Stop and enjoy the beauty of a falling leaf. Stop and think, and really all of this brings joy to me? Or is it just inertia, leading me somewhere against my will?

In recent years there have been many very different clients. With very different degrees of success. And owners of large businesses for which the financial question is solved forever. And living 20 years or more in marriage, which in all appearance seems almost perfect. And mothers with many children once dreamed about the children and now with number 4 and up to 8 or more. And those who, on the contrary, the objective is not the easiest period. Mired in debt after parting with a partner, loss of job, illness, not coping with some other life circumstances... So, bypassing the emergency assistance in crisis situations, then regardless of financial and family status of the path to inner joy is moving around one way. And it is certainly not the party another success.

This path is to find himself and his true, inner desires. This discovery, acceptance, and living the pain that people are trying in vain to close another expensive toy, the world's applause or praise someone... Way of finding true intimacy in relationships is a beautiful picture. Even at the cost of losing those people who are willing to see You exclusively striving for perfection, but not real (and hence at times vulnerable)... the Path of opening your own values, and gradually bring the actions into compliance with them. The path of gradual awareness of one's own destiny and finding space and time for movement in the direction of its implementation. And finally, a path of discovery in itself of the very "👦boys(or girls👧 😊) with dreams of a poet". "Poetry" this will be different for all - but it's the sincerity and spontaneity that is inherent in us originally by the Creator. And no it is very difficult to feel lasting joy and satisfaction, regardless of the degree of splendor of external circumstances.

both knowledge and practice in work and just in life, show - the movement above indicated way, in different variations - that's what really affects the inner joy. And the rest - and the star rating of hotels, and model gadgets, and the number of children and the number of income - is also, of course, can be fun - but it will be deep and not too short only when all of the above is the result of Your true inner desires. Not the meaning of life and self-worth. Indeed, as also sung in the song:
"to reach for the stars, don't need passports,
You're exactly the same. We - that is"...

I love my job for the fact that it is possible to regularly observe the movement of people towards itself sincere and real. When your eyes are gradually removed one socially acceptable mask after another, and behind them open, at first very timidly, the little boy or girl. Sincere. Direct. Real. With their wounds and vulnerability. And at the same time, with its huge potential, according to God by right of birth.

these are the reflections painted the color of my morning. What color is your mood?!..)))

Chernobay Elena
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