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In recent times it has become an urgent topic of relations with other people. And in the most varied landscape: from love to friendly. Unites these inquiries is the internal voltage of these contacts.

In the process, along with other issues POPs up the question "How do you think that the voltage can be arranged". And here is the client shifts focus from other people to himself. br>
this shift opens up the issues and situations that do not want to encounter in everyday life. For example, increased demands on the people raised a much deeper theme-his own imperfection and incorrectness, has to do with what I have.

And I happen different: cheerful, funny, smart, silly, nerdy and wise. Without splitting himself into good and bad, and a single, and unique, just like those other people with whom we have the honor to meet in my life.

Love relationships and carry a lot more difficulties and more complicated than others. When opened a layer of tension in relations between a man and a woman offer the whole range of phenomena in the human psyche. br>
the Woman, being in a relationship, actually as man collapses in the future, in what will be. This process is accompanied by real experiences. Excitement causes everything from thoughts ask out or not to call, he is then married or never married. But if married, it is desirable to know when this celebration comes. br>
Why is this happening? From the fact that it is not in contact with him, the other person present. Not once during the consultations the girls to think about terminating the relationship only out of habit and guessing for the other person. The logical chain is constructed differently, but figuratively looks like this: "If he is not calling for a date, so not like me. And if you do not like, then not like it. And if not love, then I do not need. And if not needed, then uses. If it does, then looking for another. And time I spend on it". In such generalizations the girls come to the belief that reject them. They are not needed.

Yes, it is safer for these insights to come to me than to hear from a loved one. Nevertheless, when a contact happens, you can converse to hear: "I like You, but you're drifting away, and I thought, you don't need". Our speculation and projection prevented true contact.

Like the desire to control. We need to know exactly how and where to lead the relationship and to "arm" the script is ready at 100% so as not to catch myself unawares and to be confident in himself and the situation. That is, the voltage comes from the need to be and to feel safe, to avoid rejection of a partner, which is painful. And it is possible to understand and accept.

In this kind of tension that history lives, that person or stuck in the past, and trying to prevent past mistakes, or go into the future, trying to foresee the result. What's the solution? Each has his own. However, very much in line with the quote from the movie: "the Past forgotten, the future is closed, and the present value." In the present we live life in all its diversity!

Babko Catherine
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