В любви мы прекрасны

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In love we are beautiful.

Hello friends.

🌻 I told you that we are going to talk about what you request in the group.

💖 And then came a request from one of the women of the group.

"Paul, Hello. I had a query on Your article. It would be interesting to read on the subject of friendship between a man and a woman, is whether she's real. And resentment – why should they man saves, poison his life, and how to handle them. It is clear that many of them do not realize and basically no specialist is necessary to sort them out. But still..."

a Very complicated and very deep topic raised by one of my band members. 👍

👄 now, we all fell in love. Then we thought that it's real love. Unfortunately, we all enter into the dynamics of the so-called "thematic choice".

What is it?

In us is hidden the notion of a "smell", or the tone of how we learned to love in our family. Childhood memory too long present in the us. In other words, we love the way that loved us, to which we are accustomed, adapted, adapted to survive. We differently learned what LOVE is.

🔆 Ehh, if our mom and dad were essentially solar, self-sufficient people, we would be within ourselves, and in life, know what LOVE is originally. This happens very rarely. 🔆

💕 And here we meet his "mate". Everyone has their own story of the meeting. But, rarely this meeting is Sunny, beautiful and FOREVER!!! Often people going through a divorce, and sometimes tragically.

unfortunately, often we are faced with possessiveness. I do not want to explain what it is and when there is a restriction of FREEDOM, a kind of diktat of one of the two. For some reason now have to report to his elect. Where have you been (been) for some time...? On the subject of jealousy I wrote earlier, because jealousy is a humiliation of the beloved, not love.

I tend to "family violence". It turns out that the house is possible what is impossible anywhere!!! You can hear and experience a lot. Ohhh, the horror!!!

When there are two "sun" 🔆 🔆, this is not a pity that this happens not in the first marriage, and, most likely, in a civil marriage, when more and more apparent that no one owes nothing.

Should the husband (wife) to help the wife (husband) at home?

NO!!! If he (she) feels this house as one with himself, so he (she) is there and the participant, and the owner. So why should he help someone? See that the floor is dirty, so wash it, it's your house! There must be something to fix, so do it – this is your abode! Is it possible to classify as help? 🚑

Often the family roles distributed. Someone is cooking, someone doing Laundry, someone... Can my friends, to tell you that in my life, I belong to it "philosophically". I love everything – cooking, washing clothes... If my friend is tired, I do all the chores, and, with pleasure, because I love her, that is, I wish you good health.

So whether there is love present? Yes, it happens!!!

Where are the grievances? 😕

Often we become so demanding of those who are next to us, well as to ourselves. We think they should understand themselves what they should be, being next to us. But they can get tired, and they're not like us, they are a few others, and we blame, and for what?

not To accumulate resentment, and not to pour them as a pile of stones on a loved one, you must immediately speak with a friend, as a friend, because we are different. Do not add "stones" of resentment in his bosom, this is not love, it is contempt.

If the underlying to address the issue of guilt, it comes from our own unrealized. We can blame others only when they themselves are not able to fulfill obligations to his own soul before we have to live, have fun, enjoy in this our life. Blaming others, we secretly blame ourselves for not done something in your own life.

energy damage (on a subtle level mother) blaming others, resenting them, we dig not only in themselves but also in those with whom we are close.

As you, my reader, such a disposition? I'm waiting for your feedback. You can say your thanks, write below your comment and even share with your friends.

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sincerely yours, Pavel Uskov.

Pavel Uskov
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