В ожидании Новогодних чудес

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Sanimasi the housework today, heard from the courtyard to hear calls for children and their parents to join a meeting with Santa Claus. Playground we have impressive combines several homes, many children. And how interesting was to see how surprised the kids are kids, older kids at first timidly approach the tree and arrived guests, and then begin boldly to participate in the unexpected event, and later with such joy and excitement danced dancing to loud music with Santa Claus, enjoy dancing and telling poems!

What great gift did the enthusiastic artists of the local folk theatre, for which he heartfelt thanks from the children and adult residents! It is so nice loaded all of us in the magic atmosphere of our favorite holiday!

And in your yards is usually conducted?

Me personally, this dive motivated to devote time to the summing up of the year: to draw certain conclusions about the events during the year, to release some kind of trouble, maybe resentment, "start internal program" on the formulation of new goals, objectives that need to be addressed to make a successful achievement of the main goal in the coming year.

It not just useful, but just to do everyone from point of view of psychology for their own reboot, exemption from outdated cargo and tune in to a new experience in my life, new achievements. Therefore, dear friends, we strongly recommend you to do this inner work with yourself!

to determine the order of the questions and answers themselves, to help you – figure-label "Tree". All balls - items of Your inventory is important for the successful setting new goals, objectives, expectations, necessary steps on the way to achieving this goal.(she may not be one) to the approaching year bring us all only the positive developments in the form of fulfillment of all desires!

If the information was interesting, I would be grateful for a response. Thank you!

Until next time!

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