В ожидании праздника…

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Again, soon the New year!

  • All rush like mad.
  • On all corners shouting about sales!
  • Our already booked dining for corporate...
  • Say, you have to prepare costumes for the festival

Ivan nervously flipping a tape of social networks and didn't notice how began to murmur aloud:

— How it all got! Vanity, around a vanity. To spend time and money on all these useless gifts collecting dust on the shelves then ... All of these taken of summing up the year, all the Christmas plans, which are still not executed... only crushes the whole year and oppresses the end of the year.

— Well, why not met, we are fulfilled annual sales plan. – responded to his indignation Igor.

Ivan almost flinched in surprise. He looked up at Igor – his colleague in the Department and realized she had spoken aloud.

For a moment he froze in confusion.

his Thoughts were confused. We need now to get out. He felt like a complete idiot. To talk aloud in the workplace, in the workplace, drawing the attention of colleagues, he was described not with the best hand. A statement about what he really feels at all threatened with unpredictable consequences.

What about me now will think? Think that I'm crazy mind.

the Plan that in fact really made, and a personal plan of sales.

Remained unfulfilled life plans.

Ivan was planning to go to the gym and start a regular exercise routine planned to go to the mountains, wanted to find a girlfriend, but none of that happened. Gym membership purchased in January and not fully utilized. After a couple of sessions Ivan sprained ligaments and long restored the operability of the shoulder, trying not to show anyone and not to talk about his injury, even at the risk of being ridiculed for unfulfilled promises. And then, like a fuse is missing or something. Or he was afraid of new injuries – in short, he has not fulfilled his intentions.

And Igor is not a fool, not to understand about what Ivan says. He slyly threw a switch on the sales, although the mockery in his voice was not. He knew about the intentions of Ivan – together plans, started in the room together to walk, but Igor and still does, and the muscles were podnikatel well, and Ivan was like "you can leave" (as he was teased in childhood), and it still is. And find a girl: – how it can to the girls to approach? like a normal find? as to her in this form to appear ?...

And now he's mad at Igor for what he could, but Ivan is not. He's mad at the whole world, preparing to celebrate the New year with joy and new achievements.

But in fact, he was ashamed in front of Igor, and this frustration and anger is addressed primarily to myself, that "dridu", which did nothing to change to change your life.

And communicate it to Igor became less so, and in fact last year they were buddies.

Ivan had wanted something sarcastic as usual, but anything clever in a head does not come. It seemed to him that time has passed 5 minutes and this prolonged pause already pressured him, but Igor suddenly continued, as if nothing had happened:

You know, for me, this year is very important. I've long forced myself to the gym to walk, and were started and abandoned, believed that all laugh at me will be in the hall because I don't nakachany. Therefore, you will vmese began to not so scary, not so embarrassing that was. And when you stopped walking, I almost merged. I missed a whole month of training, when I realized that you scored on them. I didn't know about your injury and got mad at you.

how do you know about trauma? – revived Ivan.

— Remember that I recently printed out on your printer script for new year evening? You said that you can take out of the box paper you saved in drafts. Then the house looked at the back – there was printed information about sprains, how to treat at home, dated to the end of January. You're at this time and stopped in the hall to walk. Now how is your shoulder? eventually Igor.

Yes, like normal. Squeeze a little. – apologizing replied Ivan.

— Want to come with me tomorrow to the gym. I'm already a bit familiar there, can tell that and how to more injuries not to, of course, if you take my advice. In General, there is a good coach appeared – explains everything. It's thanks to him I still do. And thanks to him I realized that I do not to six-pack abs and beautiful biceps need is my body necessary. The work that we are sedentary, our body is not designed so much to sit him physical exertion needed. I felt it, and I felt the difference in his condition, not only physical. I became calmer, before that, too, annoyed at everything and everyone, and now I'm in the mood more often joyful. Directly interesting to live! – with joy in her voice, summed up Igor.

Ivan all this time staring at Igor, trying to find the falseness or the catch in his words, but found none. He understood that this is a good opportunity to try again, but something inside him was itching like crazy: "easy for You to say! You've already spent a year studying already won at least a podium muscles to play! And I..." . And then he cut this thought whining: "I can do it too with start somewhere and it would be silly not to accept his help, it is foolish to abandon support. Especially because I have always been interested with Igor."

— Yes, thanks for the support. It is very useful to me! slightly smiling replied Ivan.

— Excellent! Tomorrow straight from work and go. The shape capture! – joyfully proclaimed Igor and held out his hand to Ivan.

— On his hands! – cheerfully replied Ivan boldly and playfully slapped his hand.

Ivan, Igor, — you're statement on corporate rehearse? Costumes are prepared already? – procuratoria newbie in the office of the Secretary Verochka.

the Boys nodded and laughed.

— Then I write down the list of speakers. happily she said, somehow mysteriously looking at Ivan.

Ivan shyly lowered her eyes. He liked Faith, but he was embarrassed for her to even approach.

Igor, quickly realizing what was going on, winked at Ivan, and said:

— Vera, we need your help! You have female role.

Ivan smiled and nodded, and Faith said,

— all right, just a couple of days and I will discuss. Now I have gifts to solve the issue.

the Guys agreed and Faith flew out of the office.

They are lightweight exhaled and looked at each other, laughed again.

preparations for the New went on as usual.


If you are not happy with the upcoming holiday, and the results that you see him write.

happy to help you change the situation.

Galina Suslin

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