В плену у иллюзий.

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have you ever had to live in the illusory expectations of something big? Even if you knew that or when it's fulfilled? I think that each of us flew or are still flying in the midst of the country. This country is very beautiful filled with feelings, thoughts, myths, expectations, finances. It does not want to go. There is a lot of comfort. And most importantly, the country of Illusions is very safe. The only thing it is not very attractive have to wait very long. Sometimes the expectations a person can get stuck for the rest of his life. And only in his old age to say "Sorry have or what you cannot change". And then you can periodically descend to earth to feel like an outsider, and again up to your fairyland Illusion. And you can pop one of illusion and slowly glide to fall and hang over the sky on the last ball hanging in the sky long and beautiful.

Why we are given the illusion? I think of the inability to live in the process of life here and now. In order not to face pain, loneliness, inner emptiness, sadness, self-pity, insecurity in life. And even harder to recognize that this is also a part of your life and it can be different.

Life in the illusion I call a departure from reality. And this flight is always that that precedes. This is the moment when a man meets a thin line of intolerance to pain. But intolerance pain can also be an illusion. Only the fear that the pain is unbearable.

Yes our pain can be unbearable alone, from unrequited pain becomes even more painful. And then the difficult feelings filled with surrogate illusions, unrealistic dreams or unnecessary relations or any dependencies.

How to understand that you have been living in another country a Reality, and moved in a strange world of Illusions? I think understanding how much time you arrive in the expectations of their dreams. When tomorrow becomes the day after tomorrow, and then a year and a lifetime. When your expectations have grown old and do not have the significant value, and all of you hold for them. When life was fresh, no it is not sweet, not bitter. There is much to write here. I think everyone has a country of Illusion.

If you realize your country is in now, but you're scared to fall you can see from the top down. On earth is the life bright and full. On the ground, something grows and you can come down and start your personal growth. You can rely on loved ones while you find it hard to find a friend, a group, a psychologist with whom you can start a new interesting full life. Taking it all the joys and sorrows. The main falls and take the first step. Most likely flying into the country the Illusion you left on the ground, your Hobbies, loved ones, Pets. Here you will find your life thing to want to become the master of your life.

Gestalt therapist Grigorenko Olga.

Grigorenko Olga
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