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you can Often see on the forum the questions and queries related to constructing the world. with society. filled with rejection observed. For example:" Why am I surrounded by irresponsible people?" "Nothing and no I am not happy", "Hate those who are late", etc. Thoughts (without truth claims) on this subject and share this article.

the World is one for us all. We are all his units that comprise it. We each contribute to the creation of this world. Peace begins with each of us. Each of us creates our own reality, creates his small entourage. The external world is always a reflection of our inner world. In order to influence the quality of the external world is beginning to restore order in the inner world.
At the moment the trends are as follows: 80% of people immersed in selfishness (+10% - centeredness), which essentially is a lack of love energy, self-confidence. In the absorption in the ego, the person is rarely able to implement their physiological and psychological needs efficiently. it is banal is not enough for this mental energy, because it is a typical condition painted in negative tones and emotions that it and drain, away from the realization of their own desires.
But to live it as you want, and not just "somehow", and preferably well, and that creates an ego different game on survival. Example: not being able to meet the requirements of people quickly and easily learns to demand their realization from close and distant people, family and the world expressing their grievances, learn to consume the world around them. Another example: assuming all the same deep down, the idea l that from your own thoughts and actions affect their own lives and its quality, but not wanting to take this fact and accept it, one feels the need to justify, usually through blame of poor quality of life in the outside world. The observed two main strategies of interaction with the world: an attack through consumption and self-justification through accusation.

And now rhetorical questions:

If 90% of people in a society focused on consumption, what will be the prevailing background in the society? If 90% of the people are focused to blame for their troubles outside world, how there will be peace in the collective unconscious?)

the World is not able to please you, make you happy. You can enjoy the world and fill it with his joy and his happiness. By itself, the world in which we live-is beautiful and harmonious. But what content we fill it is our responsibility. each one of us. Animals have mind, but they can not affect the quality of the world. The man has a mind that allows him to destroy the world or to improve-improve yourself and your interactions with the world. You decide which strategy to choose and implement.

Let your world be joyful!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

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Tatiana Savenko
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