В помощь пятиклассникам и их родителям


fifth-graders and their parents

the Transition of pupils from Junior to secondary school – the most difficult period of schooling. This - crisis period in the life of a student.

the Period of adaptation to the new rules and requirements may take the child from one month to one year.

In this age of the possible exacerbation of previously existing problems, both overt and hidden, and the emergence of new, associated with the change of attitude towards yourself, others, study.

during this period increases the load on the psyche of the child. Children become more anxious, timid, or, on the contrary, noisy, not organized.

Can disrupt sleep, appetite. Deteriorating school performance, increased fatigue.

problems Can arise with high school students, as well as to appear different fears.

Often, external changes coincide with the beginning of physiological changes in the organism of children.

Can appear diseases which are psychosomatic in nature.

Difficult to adapt it child, one teacher, as in elementary school. Each teacher has its own character, its own methods of teaching, your rate of speech, their demands.Increasing the pace of work in lessons and with homework.

the Emergence of new subjects, new school requirements, the new regime, the absence of a permanent office and individual approach lead to the fact that the guys there is a feeling of confusion, insecurity and loneliness because they "lost" in the huge space of high school.

the fifth grade pupils self-esteem starts to depend on the views of children on each other. Children are guided not on the school level, and individual personality, manner of communication, appearance. Under the influence of this self-esteem of many children starts to fall sharply.

At this stage, children need the support of parents, teachers, psychologist.

Dear parents of fifth graders!

I invite You and Your children to your consultation in person and skype.

Let's help the boys quickly and painlessly overcome the crisis and to adapt to the new conditions.

Naran Victoria
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