В реальности останутся самые сильные?

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came Across here on the eye awesome post in social networks. Its essence in two words: people go in a virtual world. But, not all! Only part of the people. And the other part contributes in order to clear a space in the real world and reduce the level of competition for all the resources of life. And this second part in the virtual world is not sitting and their children from it protects. And in this situation and do not need war, the majority samoisklyuchilis of reality and, consequently, competition. In reality remain the most powerful.

lost in Thought. In some sense, the reality have always been and remain the strongest. After all, humanity is not the first time opened the way of escape from reality. How many years are you alcohol? How many years are there drugs? Yes, and the way of escape in a psychotic state has not been canceled.

the magnitude Or the percentage of "the departed" and "left" are quite different?

sketch of the life of the first: meals on the bus, it goes to a class of students and only one teacher. The age of the children preteen. A few years ago, the rest would all passengers was not. The children chattered, fussed, talked, jostled, carried on, fooling around. Now the picture is different. The teacher goes to the first seat, the cockpit of the driver and looks to the wide windshield. In the silence of the bus. All the kids play on their smartphones. Sitting, standing, leaning against the doors. Children to each other is not interesting. The teacher does not turn heads, I'm sure all the kids "in business" and will not come off. And she's right, they don't come off.

sketch of the life of the second: today, walking on the street, in front is the family. Mom and dad lead by the hand a boy of three, and at the rear there is a girl of 4-5 years in a beautiful obolochke on the head. Talking and something looks on your smartphone. Lags behind, stumbles, briefly breaks away from the screen to catch up with her, and goes back into the virtual world. Interestingly, parents did not turn around.

In a sense, from time to time, the children of the past in the virtual world, it is very comfortable children. They do not interfere, do not require attention, does not require energy, they do not break and not break.

In General, then they will be no less convenient for those adults who will be able to stay in the real world.

the Reality is many requires. The power of randomness - the ability to make efforts to move in the chosen direction, a willingness to withstand a variety of feelings, sometimes very unpleasant, the ability to suffer defeat, the ability to make yourself and much, much more. Effort it requires.

How many people can voluntarily choose efforts and to abandon the stream of endless pleasure?

And how many parents today are now ready to give up the convenience of tablets and smartphones and spend the effort on a live chat with a child?

Guseva Olga
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