В режиме ожидания: первые шаги осознанных отношений

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the First week of Dating for men and women are extremely important when it becomes clear whether the form of steam or people run away even before the establishment of a stable relationship.
standby Mode is largely characterized by instability and the emergence of an awkward, unusual situations often require rapid response and clarification.

during this period, neither the young man nor the girl are unable to say with certainty about his feelings, but at the same time, the relationship develops, communication continues, however, is not without nuance.

If both parties feel for each other's mutual interest, communication will be largely fruitful, and resource.

However, consider a situation where there are difficulties in a particular aspect of the relationship.

1. Different interests in the presence of sympathy.

Physical mutual attraction of the pair potential is a powerful factor in the development of relations. But the lack of mutual interests complicates the already fragile initial stage of communication.

So, the man listens to pop music, and female interested in rock music and the classics. Or man does not like to read, and the girl , on the contrary, reads klassicheskoe literature, or modern prose.

At the same time, much depends on the degree of attraction to the partner. The more pretty a girl is, the more men desire to win.

If a woman is inclined to compromise, and a new friend she is not indifferent, in many cases, it turns a blind eye to the difference of opinion.

This , in turn, may further play a decisive role in the rupture of the couple, at different levels of personal development.

2. Common interests in the absence of sexual desire.

this couple is very specific. Forming a spiritual Union, experiencing each other sincere Platonic feelings, young people are trapped in their own beliefs. On the one hand, the existence of common topics of conversation seems to them more important than intimacy. But on the other hand, needs the opposite sex (for example, the mismatch of character types to each other, unwillingness to hear each other in private life) hinder the development of relations and more are reason to think about a future together.

3. a Mismatch between expectations and reality.

Suppose there is a sexual attraction to each other, there is common ground, but nevertheless, partners cannot hear each other. In particular, the woman essentially will not ring first, waiting for a call, and the man organize irregular meetings and phone calls. Here a high degree of risk of emotional attachment to the man. Such a model can be due to trauma of past relationships, and inexperience in dealing with the opposite sex, and unwillingness to rush things and possible pitfalls at an early stage of development of relations.

to Continue or stop the relationship - the issue at the initial stage difficult.

Much depends on the degree of maturity of personality, from her life goals and values, which are reflected in vzaimodeistvie with the opposite sex.

standby Mode with negative symptoms indicates a neurotic relationships (including emotional swings, with a constant view of your phone hoping to see a "lost" SMS or missed call).

Like destrukt generates stable personality disorder and requires skilled care.

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