В школу - с радостью!

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the school year has Begun in schools and kindergartens rolled a wave of parent-teacher meetings. I'm happy to participate in them, but only as the invited psychologist. In place of the parent, for some reason, I am often boring and uninteresting. It is for this reason that I respond to the invitation. I want to return the meaning of these events to animate them. In my opinion, it is in the dialogue of the two systems - family and educational. It is in the dialogue, not just in raising money and awareness.

In this article - food for thought, for discussion of issues that concern parents of students, especially first graders, and teachers. And those and others face many challenges. The goal is to understand the responsibility of each and to establish cooperation. Then all would be well.

I share these areas on a simple principle: any man studied, he should this type of activity to do. Teacher educators - teach and educate, parents - everything else! And the rest is what? Is - love, protect, provide, care, are responsible for the health of the child, his emotional state, etc.

the Material in the form of presentation. I'm just a little comment on it.

usually, before school, all go on training courses. What is their meaning? To prepare your child, you might say. What? There he will be taught numeracy, reading, writing, try to develop some mental processes such as attention, thinking and memory, broaden horizons and, of course, will be trained in perseverance. Something else?

I will tell you what they don't teach, but without which very soon the child will start the problem, the solution of which, of course, the teacher will pass on to you, citing lack of time.

Where is this taught? Who teaches it?

If you answered all of the questions in the affirmative, it is unlikely that your child will have problems at school, and anywhere else, at all. And if there are, they will be solved for you and for him.

if you answered no to even one question, then the problem will not be forthcoming. And this is not a complete list of questions, as you know. Take any field, any ability or inability, any of your problem. They will always be reflected in your child's life.

And in closing, I offer you a cautionary picture of the Soviet past. They did not become obsolete, their relevance still visoka.

Olga Rybakova
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