В состоянии «синхрона»

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have You ever noticed how in sports teams caught the flow of the game?

In this condition they all work. In football, goals are scored from any situation in volleyball dragging hard balls... Discovered the occurrence in this state of flux. Called him as "synchrony". This is the moment when you are synchronized with the reality of the game and the team.

Feeling unusual. Like how in the Matrix you load the game program. Remember how in this movie, Trinity receives the program control helicopter directly into the brain. And so with the entry into the "Synchron". It takes time to download and unpack the program.

Every summer we're at the beach playing volleyball. Track your skills. At the first games in June, the body completely can't remember how to play. The ball beats the hands and they see the bruises. It's weird, because you played with this ball for many years and everything was fine. But the body has not adapted yet to the game and draws bruises.

it Takes a couple of days and the skill of volleyball unpacked. Flow fly as it should, reception is also on the level.

If you think about it, the task of batting the ball far non-trivial. You need to calculate the trajectory of the ball, command the muscles on how to fold and how hard and where to hit it. In a state of flux you are playing on autopilot, but if the program does not podgruzilo, you even the ball get can't!

And this is only half the battle. It takes time to sync the players together. They intuitively understood each other, trusted. This again takes time. When the synchronization has occurred, the command not to withhold.

on a day when writing this review, my wife Darina and played volleyball. We're in the same team with the new for us players. The first two games we lose outright. Am I wrong at the reception, beat out, Darin is also great... No state "synchrony". Don't even know what's going on?

Err on crackers, eaten before the game. ;) It takes 40 minutes and miraculously the team enters the stream. We draw out any balls of the feet, hands and even "tail." And all this without any conscious participation!

Thought is not fast enough to order that the ball need to "pull heel" (we play volleyball;)), and in another situation to throw right under the line. Body plays self. Automatically. Playing off the opponent with a crushing score of 25:7. Well done!

what is it write. Winning in sports depends not only on skill but also on the ability of the player and the team to enter a state of "synchrony". When the team catches the flow, can't hold it!

the transition to the state "synchrony" is associated with the change of consciousness(!!!).

the Player must go into the desired mode of operation of the brain and synchronize it with the other members of the team. This implies that players need to develop skills altered States of consciousness. The books of Carlos Castaneda for them to be table (or at least for coach). Players should understand that they are actually doing on the site (no this is not a game), is the exercise of the power of the spirit.

Players must practice the perfection (to follow the path of the warrior of Castaneda). And then on the field will be miracles of the game.

Vladimir Nikonov
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